L4D Mod Lets Players Frag Teletubbies

GrE writes, "Have you ever seen one of those obnoxious little technicolor Teletubbies bastards on your television screen and had the distinct desire to smoke them in the face with a shotgun? Well apparently you are not the only one, because a recent community mod to Left 4 Dead allows you to put the PBS staple 'on blast.' After watching the video I would even argue that a zombie 'Tinky-Winky" may be scarier than the actual zombies. Check the video for yourself..."

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WiFi Pirate2787d ago

Hell those things scare me more than Zombies.

ammonator2787d ago

Hahaha, that was incredibly creepy!

bgrundman2787d ago

yeah for the bloody mouth little technicolor bastards

wondroushippo2787d ago

I could not agree more. Creepy as all hell.

Will-UK2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

That was funny, the way they run at you

DJexs2787d ago

This mod was released a long time ago at least well over a year old why is it just being posted now -_-

El_Colombiano2787d ago

The man is right, this is SO SO SO old. I still love it though. Makes the game creepier than it originally was!

ikkeweer2786d ago

I never let him play adult games, he's 8. but I know he'd be rolling on the floor laughin after shootig the first four.
Better take his sister for a walk during though.

sorceror1712786d ago

My kids (age 10 and under) thought this was absolutely hilarious when the video came out last year. Of course, they sometimes pretend they have pet headcrabs.

Yes, I'm a parent, and I sometimes game. Of course, my kids actually understand the difference between fantasy and reality, too. Every kid's different...

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roblef2787d ago

La La! Tipsy! It's like my kids' childhood coming back to haunt me.

wondroushippo2787d ago

Tinky Winky is my favorite... does that make me crazy?

ElementX2787d ago

Lame, I watched a video of a teletubby mod a year ago!

rezzah2786d ago

lol never thought id see those things again, my sister loved them when she was little and watched the shows all day.

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