Three Reasons Why Bungie's Multiplatform Deal Is Bigger Than Kojima's

PlayStrum writes: "With the big news about Activision signing a deal with Bungie, the developers who brought Halo to the Xbox, it's clear that there would be a lot of talk. We expect this buzz to keep generating when we get closer to E3 2010 this June. Still, an announcement about the developers of a big Xbox exclusive developing for multiple platforms is a bit reminiscent of E3 2008. That year, Hideo Kojima, developer of the wildly successful Metal Gear Solid franchise, announced that there would be a Metal Gear game for multiple platforms. Fanboys went crazy on both sides and the battle between the two reached yet another peak."

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NotoriousWarrior2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I think it was Konami that made the deal not kojima. We know Kojima isn't involved in developing MG Rising. But same thing...I guess.

I would have liked Bungie and EA to make a deal instead of Activision. Can't trust a company thats fu**ked with developers to the point of making them quit.

The General2943d ago Show
Tony-A2943d ago

I just thought that by "Kojima", they were referring to him going up on M$'s stage to announce the multiplatform deal.

ThunderSpark2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

E3 is definitely looking good for Sony right now. Especially with 360 becoming the exclusive sub-hd multi-platform gaming console of this generation. Now when I think of Xbox, I think of "Also on the PS3 and PC".
Incoming butt-hurt 360 fanboys in... 3, 2, 1...
You know what, for today, every 360 fanboy belongs in the openzone

But It upscales!!! ha ha

mikeslemonade2943d ago

1.1 Nicely Put by The General:

I like how my Sony friends are doing the dirty work for me. Xbox zealots have ran out of ammunition and can't even properly defend their
console. Such an easy day for me.

2943d ago
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The General2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

This is Megaton.

qface642943d ago

oh you are so enjoying this aren't you lol

ingiomar2943d ago

I don't think bungie's gonna be doing great without halo... it was their thing look at the other games they made they were all crap...
still i have high hopes for them.

I might sound like a fanboy but think about it..halo is bungie's only successful game and it was thanks to Microsoft they offered them to make it and i bet if 343 made the next halo we won't even notice the the game itself that is...that's what its all about..

ThunderSpark2943d ago

Halo will be nothing without Bungie. Bungie can make something better, Halo can't get any better without Bungie.

2943d ago