Bungie Have 'Crazy, Ambitious, Grandiose' Plans For New Franchise

Bungie's community director Brian Jarrard has said that the development team have some crazy and ambitious idea's for their next franchise.

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mjolliffe3033d ago

Nice choice of words there, Jarrard :)

Looking forward to it!

FishCake9T43033d ago

Lol. When Bungie really put there minds to things, only amazing things happen.

La Chance3033d ago

I wonder if 360 fanboys are going to react the same way PS3 fanboys did with FF13.

Completely the opposite for the moment.

captain-obvious3033d ago

good luck Bungie
you'll need it to deal with activation

halojunkie3033d ago

i think they will make a game like section 8. but way better.

xTruthx3033d ago

la chance, its not like their doing halo on ps3. Its a completely different game.

Chubear3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

With their next title being multiplat AND involved with ACTIVISION, this one's more a "STFU and show me the goods". That hype train doesn't work on these rail roads.

Hallmark Moment3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Why would people be upset? You're talking about a proven AAA franchise getting equal treatment on two platforms and comparing it to a developer making a new multi platform IP. FF13 made people upset but do you hear people beefing over NIER?

But yes you are right about the difference between the two camps maturity levels.

Absolut_Turkey3033d ago

AFTER READING THE ARTICLE this quote stood out to me, "our action universe, and how we want that to play out and the types of stories we want to tell and the types of experiences that we want to share." I don't blame Bungie for being this ambitious. They been making Halo games for the Xbox for nearly a decade. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I imagine they've been itching to do something different. Bungie wants to show that they're not just some "one-trick pony".

Orange Juice3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

La Chance, take a gander at the forums and you'll find what you are looking for. People are already writing farewell letters to bungie and threatening to boycott.

EDIT see, it goes both ways. Dont sit there and pretend that either fanbase is better than the other.

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I'm so disappointed Bungie

Bungie is my Xbox logo

Bungie is my favorite dev

Bungie means Xbox and Xbox live


I dont want multi plat Bungie games

I just wanna die

Sitdown3033d ago

Ummm, I believe there is a difference between Bungie creating a new franchise that could be multiplat versus Square bringing FF13 to the 360. So in short, they should not act the same way.......because its a completely different situation.

sikbeta3033d ago


Denial? Negation? don't get it...


I hope they do Great....

Army_of_Darkness3033d ago

sounds like Bungie is pretty happy about actually doing something new instead of being forced to make everything halo 24/7, Lol!

cmrbe3033d ago

Keep your chin up guys.

Marojado3033d ago

People seem to forget Oni; a Bungie game on PS2, PC and Mac.

The only thing that suprises me about this deal is that its with Activision. Regardless of the fact they're remaining independent, a contract is a contract and 10 years is a long time to work with someone. Activision aren't winning many fans at the moment.

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NateNater3033d ago

Its good to know that even with this deal, Bungie can't end up like IW.

scruffy_bear3033d ago

Can't wait to see what Bungie will do

TheColbertinator3033d ago

May God have mercy upon our souls.

So when is Acti going to cut apart bungie?Maybe when Call of Duty Future Warfare releases

claterz3033d ago

I don't get what all the negative feedback is about, I'm excited to see what they come up with.

cmrbe3033d ago

There will be no mercy. Only tears lol

MiloGarret3033d ago

what a strange thing to say

GiantEnemyCrab3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Translation: Halo: Reach is not that Crazy, Ambitions, Grandiose game that you all think it is and what we are marketing to you.

Are Bungie really this stupid to talk about a project years away when they have something huge happening right now, this year? Seems to me like their heart really isn't as in it as I thought.

RIP Bungie.. Thankfully the brains behind Bungies only notable work have continued to stay at MS. Activision will not see another gaming dime from me.. ever

@below: Yup, Viva la 343 Studios!

Hallmark Moment3033d ago

343 Industries?

I hope Activision lets Bungie be creative but like you said 343 Industries was the magic in the wand.

Amazing how the two most hated entities are Ace over night.

captain-obvious3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

dude you really sound butthurt in here
just because 1 or 2 guys stayed to work for MS that doesn't mean the HOLW halo team in in there
HALO made by bungie as a TEAM not one or two guys

look at dived jaffe and GOW
he left Santa Monica and they still made GOW as great as the first one
(if not better)because its all about the team that made the game

MS from now on needs to watch out for halo

if your going to bash them now because the went multiplatform your really wrong
you should be happy since more PPL get to play games from great developers like bungie

be a gamer not a fanboy

i got a disagree
you ppl should really get all consoles and just give it up already

Apocalypse Shadow3033d ago

but it's understandable on his reaction.but he doesn't seem to see the bigger picture:343 has made nothing yet to garner praise.

dmc is not the same after kamiya stopped making it.

sonic is not the same after yuji naka left.

ff series is not the same after the devs left and sakaguchi left.

there are many examples of dev xhanges from spiderman to need for speed.there are only a few times when a new developer made something better.

but he's definitely hurt about it.i was with dmc.same with tenchu.i started buying way of the samurai because the devs that made tenchu 1 was making it.but we'll see how all this goes.but the "fans" are definitely hurt.

GiantEnemyCrab3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Captain, the worker bees may have changed but the brainchild behind Halo are still at MS.

Activision is the problem not as much Bungie but yes the talent is staying behind and don't compare Jaffe and Santa Monica, different situation.

I've always bashed Bungie not going to stop now. Some of us don't completely worship everything just because it's on my platform of preference.

Move along and take that idiot loser SDF fanboy below you with. ApocalShat: Hurt by it? Seriously hurt? I didn't even buy the last 2 Halos you moron. Seriously dude, shutup before you own yourself more trying to talk about things you know nothing about.

@Orange Juice: What dupe account are you? Another SDF soldier coming to the aid. What in my original comment was fanboy again? You seem to pretend to know me nobody.

Orange Juice3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I think thats the first time I've ever seen someone called fanboy and sdf in the same sentence. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

I simply calls it as I sees it. I understand this is a difficult day for you but no need to get mad. No dupe accounts here, my psn is in my profile, surely I wouldnt include that in a dupe account now would I?

And who the hell calls people "sdf soldiers"? And you say you are not a fanboy, lol. What are you 17? Dont be so touchy, jeez.

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