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TSA Writes:

Remedy Interactives Matias Myllyrinne has revealed that the first DLC for Alan Wake will be free, but only to first time buyers.

Speaking via Twitter the developer said,

"Our first Alan Wake Special (downloadable content) will be free for first time buyers."

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red2tango3028d ago

Sounds fair. I guess this is what they're implementing into games now?

peeps3028d ago

yeh. i dont mind tbh but then i always get games i want new and at launch. and i suppose ppl who wanna save a bit and get the game pre owned don't have to buy the DLC if they don't wish to

Vortex3D3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

"First Time Buyer" really means "First Game Player" because once the token code is activated, it's locked to the Gamertag and anyone else in your house also playing the game on their own Gamertag don't have access to the DLC.

The most extreme case is Bad Company 2 where not only the VIP map packs are locked to the Gamertag, it's also locked to EA's account.

spooky2053028d ago

I wish developers would give more incentives to the people who buy their game new. I think its pretty much a ripoff that gamestop sells me a used copy (which they obtained off the poor back of a gamer for like 5 dollars) then sells it back for 55. This wouldnt be so bad if the clerk went out of his way to spin the same gamestop propaganda crap multiple times like his job depended on selling me a used copy. Or the fact that the employees cant open up games play them then wrap them back up and sell them again as new. I bought a new game with a scratch on it! Once a game has been opened its not new ever! I hope these incentives become the norm and people stop buying the used copy at such an inflated price. The developer wins the gamer wins and even better gamestop losses so they might just change their crap policies but i doubt it.

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