Marathon boss heads Bungie's new IP

If you haven't had a seizure yet from all the info surrounding today's Bungie news... the studio has revealed the man heading up its new IP. You know, the one Activision has exclusive rights to.

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Dellis3033d ago

Mr Jones hasn't done anything since Halo 2, so it must mean he has been working on this new IP for a while now, he might have a teaser for E3 I bet.

Cajun Chicken3033d ago

I hope it's a reboot of Marathon, been playing the originals every now and then on AlephOne, awesome universe. You can certainly see where Halo came from.

Kingdom Come3033d ago

Apparently the games Non-Marathon Related.

Cajun Chicken3033d ago

Ah well. It'll be awesome anyhow providing they stick to some of the game mechanics of what made Halo so entertaining.