Extra PlayStation: Project Natal Milan event

Two "preview" of Project Natal from Milan Event

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ClownBelt3033d ago

"I am, touch me (play with my girlfriend):
Riochet the game was the only tech demo.
embossed in hot and fast speed:
- Very funny, but not exciting as I hoped
- The actual movements are played very well, really recognize how it moves, even if you scratch my ass (tried)
- The lag is there, and it shows … the delay was quite evident, but not necessarily unpleasant, but not pleasant
- The men, or tech demo or not, trembling a little too out of place probably not recognizing well the player’s position
for this but a crash at the console (but go?) to restart (the demo was in a USB stick) English has the little man set the settings very hasty and apparently “mundane” the standard position, so I want to give too much weight to various inaccuracies and flicker

more or less everything, it was a great experience, but I would say that the machine is still immature when released under these conditions will be terrible.
In the case that improvements will be evident will be very functional and fun"

Confirmed: We can scratch our ass using Natal.

FangBlade3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Microsoft dug their own grave with Natal.
They should just stick to software IMO.

van-essa3033d ago

playstationinformer.wordpress. com

Apocalypse Shadow3033d ago

"I am, touch me (play with my girlfriend):

google translation is always hilarious.

same demo...nothing new.....wait for E3...yada yada.....

Wrathman3032d ago

pikeystation informer playin down NATAL.that is impressive.i love how reviewers to blown away by natal.and when they use MOVE,they are like 'yeah,cool.wheres the bathroom?'