Eurogamer Dev interview' PlayStation Move: Sports champions

Never mind all that general election nonsense - this year's real battle for hearts and minds is being fought by Sony and Microsoft. The platform holders are going head-to-head, clashing over whether virtual pre-pubescent boys and invisible steering wheels are better than magic colour-changing ping pong balls on sticks. Makes a change from tax breaks and immigration, anyway.

The fight is set to really heat up this June when both parties show off their wares at E3, but the campaign has already started in earnest. Sony laughed in the face of volcanic ash last week and held an event at a swank hotel in London to show off new motion controller PlayStation Move.

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whateva2881d ago

now I know this will be one of the PS-Move games that I buy.

Golf,Table Tennis, Gladiator Duel and Bow and arrow game, I wonder what else they will have so far I'm sold.

saint_john_paul_ii2881d ago

maybe they will add skydiving and bowling as well, lolololol jk jk...

whateva2881d ago

and maybe boxing or something. guess we will have to wait until E3 to see the other games.