Will Bungie's Next Big Thing Require a Subscription?

Kotaku: Bungie is a game developer that likes to create new universes and then fully explore them.

Games Marathon and Myth both led to three titles, while the Halo universe will deliver six by the time Bungie is finished with it and likely more from Microsoft.

Their deal with Activision for a yet-to-be named action game set in a new universe will likely be no different. The game will be, Bungie's Brian Jarrard told Kotaku, a title with ambitious plans of scale, one that will entail spending a lot of time in a new universe.

This idea of lengthy time spent in a video game universe seems to gel with Activision exectutives' desires to see some subscription-style revenue coming from their popular series, like Call of Duty.

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Sigh2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

sooo no doubt they want our $$$$ with subscriptions

DigitalRaptor2947d ago

But what's also possible is that on top of Xbox Live, 360 supporters will probably actually pay for a new subscription as well. Xbox live seems to be worth it to them, so I doubt paying more would be such as stretch. PS3 supporters are used to a rightfully free service so I don't think many would stand for it.

Sigh2947d ago

it's bad on either fan base.

Otheros002947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Yes, because of Acti.

mjolliffe2946d ago

I reckon some part of it will, unfortunately :/

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