The Greatest Pinball Machines of All Time

With the help from the founder of the Pacific Pinball Museum, one of the largest pinball collections in the world, The Kartel counts down the most popular and iconic pinball machines of all time. From when pinball was just marbles and pins, to the themed machines now, find out if some of your favorites made the list.

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NeverforgetNES2854d ago

They are some sweet machines there. Pretty cool.

Zylvin2854d ago

I used to looove playing that Addam's family one in a pizza place down the street, then one day it disappeared...Pinball is being taken down hard by video games, its kinda sad.

kghapa2854d ago

Anybody remember the Terminator 2 machine? I loved because the spring launcher was an effin handgun hilt, and I always felt so cool playing with it...I swear I wasnt an impressionable child