Top 10 Fighting Game Characters of All Time

With the recent release of Super Street Fighter IV, there's little doubt what the best fighting game on the planet is right now. We've come a long way since fighting games were popular only in arcades. In retrospective, the Kartel counts down the virtual icons that further raised the bar for fighters, the best fighting characters in videogames.

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bacrec13029d ago

I don't agree with all, but #1 was right on the money.

kghapa3028d ago

Gah I have a love/hate relationship with Ryu. My favorite character growing up, but now so sickly popular I cant play as him without somebody groaning.

Nicholas Cage3028d ago

cinder from killer instinct.

4pocalyps33028d ago

+Bubbles for liking Killer Instinct. My best beat em up ever.

But it's gotta be jago all the way dude.

Kratos Spartan3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

If I could give you 2 bubbles I would. Jago was my fave (and the BADDEST) fighter in KI. That roundhouse kick from across the screen won me so many battles I cannot begin to describe. Not taking away from the mighty Fulgore (who can f*ck with that uppercut?) but gah damn, Jago was a bad motha f*cka

Killer Instinct is the f*cking baddest fighting game I've ever played. Equal to or greater than Mortal Kombat II. You couldn't make me decide, even with a gun to my head. Seriously.

4pocalyps33028d ago

+Bubbles and a manly *hi5*

Jago is the man in KI. man i still remember his ultra by heart, his and everyone elses and that roundhouse kick does kick alot of ass and saves ur ass alotta times aswell, man brings back memories.

cmrbe3028d ago

Spinal is the best KI fighter. No one could beat me with Spinal. Second best is Saberwulf.

KI is the best fighter for me back in the SNES days. Better than MK and SF. It was more brutal, fast and with cooler fighters. I loved how all were very different but all powerful as well.

However to me Tekken is the best overall and Jin Kazama is the best overall.

Kratos Spartan3028d ago

I have to intervene. Spinal?? Give me Jago and I would destroy those bones. I wish this could come to PSN. I would prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I'm sorry but you have no idea the history I have with Killer Instinct. You say you were awesome with Spinal, I can't argue that. You may have been. I'm not a fan of talking sh!t on the internet but when it comes to me and KI, I just don't see it happening. I was the one to beat in the arcades to get a reputation around my area, and the playtime I had with my dudes on the N64, just icing on the cake.

There's always that ONE people talk about and when it comes to Killer Instinct, I was that one. In my Tri State Area. Call me defensive if you want, but this game was and always will be a history in my life. Same with Mortal Kombat II.

almehdaaol3028d ago

Ah KI. A fighting game where you could play as:
"A genetically engineered velociraptor-human hybrid"
Effin Riptor FTW

WinterWolf3028d ago

I think Heihachi would have been a better choice from the Tekken series.

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NeverforgetNES3029d ago

Killer Instinct. Freakin awesome. I miss that game and remember the soundtrack? haha

ikkeweer3028d ago

I know none of them. I know I'm not into fighting-games but I expected to know atleast 3.

badz1493028d ago

come on! everybody who plays games should know Ryu!

Urmomlol3028d ago

Negative points for having Kimbo Slice in your article.

Otherwise good list!

BYE3028d ago

What's wrong with Kimbo Slice?

Kratos Spartan3028d ago

Scorpion over Liu Kang? He is THE face of Mortal Kombat. Period.

ABizzel13028d ago

Lui Kang may be the chosen one in the Mortal Kombat franchise, but he's definitely not the most popular. It's akwys been Scorpion and Sub-Zero. They should have had a tie for that, becuase it has ALWAYS been split between them.

kraze073028d ago

I'd say Sub-Zero seeing as how he had his own game.

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