New Super Mario Galaxy 2 video

New footage of Super Mario Galaxy 2


Another video added.

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gameseveryday3033d ago

Pretty good video, But mostly wont be picking it up.

Valay3033d ago

Why not? Didn't like the first?

I'm expecting it to be an incredible game.

mjolliffe3033d ago

Yeah, I think every Wii owner should pick this up, if the firs't anything to go by :)

SpoonyRedMage3033d ago

Looks like a good expansion on the co-op of the original.

Possible GOTY right here.

NateNater3033d ago

I hate water levels. But still, this game looks awesome. Definitely will be picking it up day one or shortly after its release.

ChickeyCantor3033d ago

I dont like water levels in platformers either, but the way the water sphered it self up looks interesting level-design wise.

Valay3033d ago

Added an additional video!

Sigh3033d ago

gonna be fun playing with Yoshi. Glad they included him in this game, wish there were more to play with like Waluigi or Wario. Maybe in the next sequel...

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