Top Five Franchises on the Decline

GrE says, "Fanboy-ism aside, I think everyone can admit that some major triple "A" franchises have jumped the shark, and just don't know it. Yeah, I know that this article might be controversial, even among my fellow writers here at GrE. That being said, let's discuss some of the franchises that have fallen from grace and possibly why."

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roblef3032d ago

I get Sonic, but Final Fantasy? Nah!

bgrundman3032d ago

After 13 games and numerous sequels, how can it not be jumping the shark?

roblef3032d ago

I think 13 is actually the pinnacle of theme/design/mechanics. It's a fun game.

whatthegeek3032d ago

I really want to keep liking final fantasy games, but I just can't. The series is staler than that loaf of bread I found behind the fridge.

ClownBelt3032d ago

I agree

@ whatthegeek

Gotta be careful on what you eat mate.

Raz3032d ago

Not once did I see Call of Duty mentioned. Talk about jumping the shark..

wondroushippo3032d ago

Re: Call of Duty - ask me again in a couple of years and we'll really see.

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notbob3032d ago

I was hoping to see Metal Gear on here. The first PS-era one was amazing. 2 was so convoluted and dumb story-wise, I had a brain hemorrhage. After that, they just became decent games with 75 hours of cutscene per 10 minutes of playing.

How does MGS still cash in on its name?

xabmol3032d ago

Maybe you should stick to playing Mario?

Sp1deyluvr3032d ago

I may be the only one I know who enjoys the downfall of the great and mystical ones, but this opens doors for all sorts of know, the spice of life.

WiFi Pirate3032d ago

I thought I might be on the same page as you, however going from the almost completely unbearable Final Fantasy 8 to Final Fantasy 9 was amazing. They need to get back to their roots and do more like that one.

JimmyJames703032d ago

I didn't play it, but I heard through the grapevine that FFXIII blew chunks; i.e., it was boring and took FOREVER to play.

roblef3032d ago

You should read this: - explains the brilliance of the game better than I can.

WiFi Pirate3032d ago

There are more that I wanted to add to the list, Halo *gasp* being a big one. However I will save it for another day. Also FF jumped the shark a while back i just never wanted to admit it.

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