PSN Hacker gets probation

A teen who bought down a worldwide gaming network has been sentenced to a year's probation and to perform 250 hours of community service.

The kid will also have to write a cheque to Sony for $5,000 in damages.

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Downtown boogey2944d ago

"Sony wanted $33,200 in restitution"
The kid's dad: "You little..!"

Will-UK2943d ago

This kids like geohot all about winning and getting one over, well look where it got this kid. His family must be extremely annoyed

sikbeta2943d ago

Next on the List:


Sony -"choose kid, write the check or... the Ninjas"

[email protected] - "but...but...but... da homebreeewwwwzzz"

Sony - "ah... no time for this"

imec2943d ago

The writing in that article is atrocious (read it for yourself before disagreeing).

Elwenil2943d ago

They should have fried him. This was a perfect chance to make examples of these little idiots and the judge blew it. I'd have sentenced him as an adult and put him in prison for a year to let him know what it's like to get his ass "hacked". I bet he'd never cheat again, lol.

Christopher2943d ago

1. He didn't crash PSN, he crashed the Web-based login system for PSN.

2. No games were affected.

3. He's an idiot for performing the attack, let alone at a location in which he resides, considering how easy it is to track it back to the source.

Persistantthug2943d ago

Also, you have to understand how video games are viewed in general......they are viewed as toys "basically".

So a year probation, community service and $5,000 is a slap on the wrist but, I bet the kid won't do it again...probably.

Jail in this case would probably be too harsh.

rogimusprime2943d ago

i love this excerpt:

"Rather than do it in the traditional US way of winning on the sports field or fighting in countries that do not have the same weapons ability, the teen burned the midnight oil playing computer games."

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. How exactly did the UK colonize India and Hong Kong, not to mention the carribean? It sure as hell wasn't by trading earl grey. Yeah the US is the big bad boogey man, but why not just leave this crap out of the article and tell us about the actual case?

Sorry, I know its not related. This stuff just irriates me.

WildArmed2942d ago


The house always wins.

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zoks3102944d ago

LOL, he is so lucky...

NateNater2944d ago

...except for the fact that he still has to pay $5,000 lol

zoks3102944d ago

Lets not forget the lawyers fees. ouch......

rexus123452943d ago

Considering the size of PSN web portal, 33K does not sounds large at all. I thought parents are supposed to pay.

Government Cheese2943d ago

May have been a dumb move but you actually have to be pretty smart to be able to take out something as large as PSN

WildArmed2942d ago

I think he lost the title of smart when he actually started acting on his stupid desires.

Darkfiber2943d ago

At least he's getting something.

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