Bungie unfazed by PS3 'challenge'

MCV: Arguably the biggest aspect to Bungie's deal with Activision today isn't that the Halo-creator has signed with the publisher embroiled in an ugly legal spat over treatment of its studios. No, it's the fact that the once Xbox-exclusive studio has changed focus to a new IP that will be released on multiple formats.

For the past 10 years Bungie has worked solely on Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360 platforms - so the switch to multiplatform could present some issues.

We put the question to the studio's community manager Brian Jarrard - will it not be a challenge moving to platforms like PS3?

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NateNater3004d ago

Yea after 10 years of developing on the same consoles, I'd probably want to try something new too.

Greywulf3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

People that actually try to push the bar forward development wise, not just online filters, run into problem solving. Examples:

- Getting 32 players+
- Realtime Post Processing & Model Detail
- Lighting
- Stream Loading
- 2048x2048 textures, with complex shader networks.
- in 720P+

Whats been Bungies technological challenges this generation of gaming, compared to others?

If they go into any other genre, there are still examples of PS3 settings vs 360 settings. This applies for adventure games, Sims, Sports, Driving.. everything. But we don't look at multiple platform developers for technical achievement. Since their job is to keep both looking identical.

piroh3004d ago

they made the game called Oni which was on ps2 too

halojunkie3004d ago

end of discussion! lol, and if they make a bungie game for ps3 more power to them. i dont care.

Shang-Long3004d ago

Wow talk about a big news day

webeblazing3004d ago

i get what you saying they do push stuff in mp with the splitscreen and on single player ( but then some devs can say it looks better to jus not have it) and they have vehicles online. which looking at it theres not a lot of games that got those features. im glad they done with halo wanna see what the can really do halo is a great game but mainly cuz you can play it with people thats there with you, and the vehicles, and all out fun mp but besides that its an avg. game cant wait to see what they got in store.

Chubear3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I mean, here's THE top most "elite" developer studio on the 360 and are now making games for the PS3... and you guys don't see this as a problem for the future of the Xbox or your gaming experiences? .. THE BIG GAMING MEDIA DON'T COVER THIS AND ASK TOUGH QUESTIONS?!! and you're supposed to be "journalists"? *shakes head*

I mean come on, how much more obvious does it have to get before you seeing MS is not looking at competing in the hardware side of things with Sony next gen but instead will either bring out a much weaker console to cater to the Nintendo casual market and compete in that arena or no hardware all together. I mean how do you have a powerful console next gen with no significant 1st party studios - HOW?

I mean come on, when you see a company losing and dropping all it's major assets, does that really fill you with confidence saying "yeah, they're really growing stronger for sure"

COME ON! It's right in front of you now and you still don't see it?

sikbeta3004d ago

I hope they make a Great work with this new IP

TheTwelve3004d ago

I don't know WHAT Microsoft will do without an exclusive Bungie.


Consoldtobots3004d ago

@ Chubear

I've been saying for the past 2 years that MS has called it quits in the console market and is just riding out the generation. Got TONS of disagrees and called a fanboy but then again I pratice the lost art of
READING THE WRITING ON THE WALL. 360 fanboys have been in extreme denial and it's getting old now.

Sevir043004d ago

It should read Bungie not phased by PS3 development challenge.. as there is no such word as "unfazed" LOL!!! they just write it how they hear it I guess.

Panthers3004d ago

Yea I still have it. It was a hard game but I always found myself wanting to play it more. It was my first PS2 game. I think it was a launch title.

ShinRyuHadoken3004d ago

Interesting Bungie game on PS3.

What I think is if Bungie making some multiplat game then it will look better on the 360. Because I think Bungie is corrupt!

BloodyNapkin3004d ago

Ok one of Brians quotes.

"Activision - they have a lot of experience with multiple platforms and technical expertise"

I think the last little bit of tech expertise they had, they run them out the door and they started Respawn.

HolyOrangeCows3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

They can't even get their games in 720p native on the 360, I can't imagine what technical-screwed games they push on the Ps3.

Besides, if they're just going to pull more DLC BS (Like making modes on original game restricted to new DLC maps) - and with Activision leading the charge, you can bet your pants they will - I'm not interested anyhow.
That's my main issue with Bungie.

catguykyou3004d ago

They have been working with companies like Naughty Dog for a while *check the ODST credits*. wouldn't surprise me if they have been getting help/tips about developing on the PS3 from PS3 only devs.

cranium3004d ago

Yeah I noticed that Bungie appears in the Uncharted 2 credits. It came as a bit of a surprise, seeing Bungie at the end of the list of PS3 only devs such as Insomniac, Guerrilla and Sony Santa Monica.

TotalPS3Fanboy3004d ago

they can finally push their new game to the limit on the PS3.

inveni03004d ago

Bottom line is that Bungie is not known for the proficiency of their engines, but instead for gameplay and intrigue. I highly doubt that they'll do anything spectacular engine-wise on the PS3, specifically because it's going to be a multiplat engine.

But, like everything else in the game world, we'll just have to wait and see. If 90s teen flicks have taught us anything, it's to not have sex with a pie until it's cooled off.

GarandShooter3004d ago

un·fazed [uhn-feyzd]

not dismayed or disconcerted; undaunted: He was unfazed by his previous failures.

un-1 + faze + -ed2 Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010.

Sorry dude, phase and faze are two different words.

catguykyou3003d ago

Where does everyone get the idea that Bungie isn't known for their great graphics? Do people not remember that Halo and Halo 2 were for their time, the best looking console games period? They rivaled what was on PC at the time. It's so funny how so many people choose to ignore the whole last generation when it comes to hardware reliability/power and what a company was/is capable of.

Since the release of the 360, Bungie has released 1 game and 1 expansion. This hardly makes them "not known for their graphics."

Killjoy30003003d ago

Unfazed is a word.

we thought the news would upset him, but he seemed unfazed: calm, unruffled, unperturbed, untroubled, poised, relaxed, self-possessed, nonplussed, together, laid-back.

Look it up.

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The Wood3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

but KNOW that there are many devs that show n prove on the ps3 and some ps3 fans have almost become spoiled with the quality. Some will unfairly judge your next game because of your ties BUT if you do a good enough job on ur first outing on unknown hardware then I for one will be impressed even if the games not my cup of tea. I hope the more objective ps3 fans will be the same. They will need a bit of time but they must get some kudos for having the balls to step out of their comfort zone

-Alpha3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

If by quality you mean graphics then some PS3 fans have serious double standards. They'll praise UC2 and look down on Halo solely on graphics yet games like MAG or Demon's Souls or ModNation will get a free slip.

If some do bash Halo's next game on graphics alone like some have done with Halo 3 then you simply point to games like Resistance where they conveniently forget to praise its graphics. Why? Because they too understand quality exists in forms outside of graphics, despite the double standard they will spout.

Quality exists in all kinds of forms. Graphics is the easiest way to point out quality but is not the only indicator, nor the best. That is what makes games like ModNation, Demon's Souls, and Halo redeem their reputations despite not being graphical monsters. ModNation's user-generated content, Demon's Souls addictive gameplay, and Halo's rich multiplayer features and game balance all scream quality, yet graphics are pretty standard. Many can appreciate the quality of these games, which goes to show you how overrated and shallow judging a game on graphics can be.

I also find a lot of PS3 fans tend to respect Bungie, despite having a hate for MS. Bungie has earned a lot of respect because they've done a lot for their community and I hope the same happens with this new IP.

thief3004d ago

“MAG or Demon's Souls or ModNation will get a free slip. “
Because MAG has 256 players, 16x Halo, Demon’s Souls was an extremely low-budget title that was not expected to sell much, and Modnation again is from a new developer who have clearly focused on their track creation tools
Whereas Halo 3 was a massive-budget, hyped title that introduces nothing new to gameplay and yet fails to deliver more than average graphics

And I have read posts from you calling Resistance “generic” and hyping Halo at the same time, so maybe you might refrain from accusing others of hypocrisy

-Alpha3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

My point is that focus on graphics should never be the sole factor in deciding the success of a game; Your point is valid, but Bungie still managed to put in a lot more quality content-wise that games today still haven't while maintaining a game that is successful not because of graphics but because of the content it offers.

All those titles get a free slip because quality exists in other components, and the same applies for Halo.

As for Resistance, I have called it average but have praised its gameplay content. Resistance is not a game for me, but I've respected what it offered: Big games, and 8 player co-op. I have criticized its disorganization in MP and how #2 wasn't as great as #1 but how does this have to do with hypocrisy? I'm not saying people have to like Halo, just that judging it solely on graphics while ignoring all of its other accomplishments is narrow-minded. Graphics is this generation's biggest go-to component and that is like judging a book by its cover.

thief3004d ago

Cool - I agree completely, graphics is not the sole criteria, just that weak graphics is more forgivable for niche or small titles than huge titles such as Halo 3. UC2's achievement was to deliver a lot of content and great gameplay while delivering great graphics as well.

Resistance is a strange franchise, some really good parts mixed with some weak points, but also the closest to Halo in terms of feel and gameplay. We might be getting Resistance 3 at the same time as Halo Reach. Will be interesting, obviously Halo Reach will sell far more, but I will be rooting for the underdog!

-Alpha3004d ago

I just can't get into Resistance man. I liked the co-op though.

If they have split screen and if they can really focus on co-op then I may give R3 a try, but I'm more satisfied with Killzone as the exclusive shooter.

I understand that Halo 3's graphics may not have been the best, but it came out 3 years ago and I don't remember PS3 games managing to do what Halo did content-wise. Games like Heavenly Sword looked great but it lacked MP while Bungie had to make a story, incorporate all the MP features, and add co-op. Graphics were standard but people act as if it needed to be better when they fail to realize the title did a lot.

So yeah, gameplay>graphics. Content-wise Halo is untouched, but graphics are not the strong suit.

sikbeta3004d ago

"They'll praise UC2 and look down on Halo solely on graphics yet games like MAG or Demon's Souls or ModNation will get a free slip."

1·MAG has HUGE MAPS and you Play WITH 255 Players at the SAME TIME, the intensity of Everything Going at the same time is Huge, don't try to downplay the game like if it's a lame 4vs4 multiplayer Game...

2·Demon Soul was Developed by [From Software] with the ASSISTANCE of SCEJ, so It wasn't 100% in the Hands of a First Party Studio, the Game is Awesome no matter what...

3·ModNation Racers, Really? you don't think it's more about Art-style, like the Design of The Characters and Stuff, they make the Game that way, it's a FUN-Arcade-style Game [Play-Create-Share], not a Graphical Marvelous Racing Simulator...

soulraver3004d ago

Sikbeta is very right alpha.. the three games you brought up are not your usual games, each one had a legit reason the graphics were not 'amazing'

Inside_out3004d ago

LOL...please...Reach is 720p...have you not been following along...this is huge....PS3 has NOTHING even close to the quality of Halo on-line...NOTHING...Bungie made xbox live what it is today...M$ gonna regret this no matter what they say...

Halo will always be on Xbox...M$ OWNs Halo...BUT...everything that makes Halo, Halo...belongs to Bungie...this is gonna overshadow everything now...Internet on fire with this news...Activision just pulled off a huge deal...WOW...

-Alpha3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I already said it's not that they are small games, it's that they have quality in areas outside of graphics, like Halo does too.

I find it funny you say Mod Nation is "supposed to be that way", yet fail to realize Halo's 8 on 8 Multiplayer is also "supposed to be that way". Instead, you try to demean it's Multiplayer style as if adding more players like MAG= Better game.

MAG and Halo are two different styles. And really, Demon's Souls is "awesome no matter what"? Halo is awesome no matter what too. Or is that something only you can apply to PS3 games?

Why is that you continue to define quality of PS3 games like Mod Nation OUTSIDE its graphics yet wont grant the same for Halo?

So it's a big budget game. Does that mean graphics are supposed to be the main focus? Keep in mind that when Halo 3 came out no other game even on the PS3 had that much gameplay content for multiplayer. You act as if graphics are horrendous or unplayable. The game looked good enough and had unmatched features. Yet all people like you can do is rag on its graphics. Halo had a rich Multiplayer and a Single player with co-op. It's a quality title because graphics aren't the only factor that goes into a game.

sikbeta3004d ago


If you don't think "more players = Better game" in this Particular Game Called MAG: MASSIVE ACTION GAME, you didn't get the point of The Game

The Idea of Making MAG, it was to MAKE a HUGE WAR, I'm not saying More players = better game, but Why it can't be a Better Game? After you played it, you Realize that MAG is Awesome and by that, 256 Players in a Huge Battle = Better Game

You're thinking in like "Only One Direction", I'm not saying that a 8vs8 multiplayer game is a bad, but Imagine what Halo could be if they put more Players, I'm not even thinking about 256P, but 32P or 64P, It could be better? [yes] -> OK | [no] -> Why?

The Wood3004d ago

i wasnt even on about graphics....i was talking about the whole package which graphics are a part of NOT the only defining factor....seems im like 15 hours too late to clarify

inveni03004d ago

I totally agree that PS3 owners are spoiled on quality. Uncharted 2 alone has done that for me. Now, I compare everything to that game--does it give me the same rush at every turn, is it engaging, is it beautiful and charming, is it unmatched? Frankly, I don't give a crap about multiplayer. I played video games for 20 years without multiplayer, and I don't need it now. I'd rather all of that effort go into improving engines, making scenes bigger and more powerful, etc. Uncharted 2 did that. Now I'm just waiting for something that looks THAT good, until then I treat everything with a little suspicion.

STICKzophrenic3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

"Whereas Halo 3 was a massive-budget, hyped title that introduces nothing new to gameplay and yet fails to deliver more than average graphics"

Maybe not to the Halo formula, but show me another game this gen that is as feature packed as Halo 3.

Single player campaign
Four player co-op campaign
Forge (community does tremendous things with this)
Air and ground vehicles in multiplayer
Detailed stat tracking for nearly every single game ever played

...and Halo's graphics are under-rated, in my opinion. It has some of the best lighting effects in colorful and lush environments, with awesome water that actually has dimension and the sound effects are different if you're under water.

Nearly everything in the environment has physics. Skilled enough to snipe that rocket coming for you? It can be done.

That plasma grenade coming for you can end up back on the opponent if it sticks the Spike grenade you're throwing at him simultaneously.

Halo 3 does a lot of little, highly detailed things that go unnoticed.

I wasn't a Halo fan, and Halo 3 was my first title, but the more I've played it, the more appreciative I've become of how much attention to detail Bungie pays to everything.

insomnium3004d ago

Would it be out of peoples' comprehension to say that Bungie had already done everything (atleast almost) there is to Halo 3 in Halo 1 and 2? This is why it needs to be judged a little differently than some games.

The amount of improvement is not that big. They didn't really push the industry with anything. They kept the same online community going on and made a few tweaks there mostly.

They were clearly a little out of ideas with the story in Halo 3. Halo1 is one of my all time favourites in FPSs. In Halo 2 they changed the gameplay pretty much (dual wield with weapons) and upped the graphics and the scale of things and in addition they brought up one of the funniest online experience there was to be had with friends+beer at that time.

I'm not judging or saying anything really just pointing out some of the things that came to my mind reading your posts. You have to take the past into account when you judge things and go out calling people on double standards. It's not as simple as people may sometimes want to think to aid their cause.

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NYC_Gamer3004d ago

well i'll welcome bungie next title long as its something worth playing....

Claudinho693004d ago

they are already friends with naughty i think they can get all the help they would need

The Wood3004d ago

forgot about that. Im sure they'll get a ton of help and they'll need it

inveni03004d ago

I forgot about that, too. That's actually pretty promising. (Though I'm not a fan of Halo, I recognize their ability to create good stories.)

RageAgainstTheMShine3003d ago

I saw the credits in Uncharted 2 and Bungie there. Also in the videos after I beat Uncharted 2 Bungie was mentioned having access to their technology.

TooTall193003d ago

What I want to see is Bungie and GG help each other out with their new games. Imagine the next Killzone with a video maker and online splitscreen!

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chidori6663004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

i hope this new project of bungie is not of same genre of halo games cuz is unnecessary on PS3 by now..

BeaArthur3004d ago

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say but if you are implying that the PS3 is so great that it doesn't need another shooter, you would be mistaken. Great games are great games, doesn't matter what genre it is.

DelbertGrady3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Why would they want Halo when they have Killzone? We all know Killzone is much better. It's a FACT.

BeaArthur3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Haha, I see what you did there. I liked Killzone 2, probably the best exclusive FPS I have played on the PS3 (with R2 coming in a close second). Still though, say what you want but as far as variety, nobody beats Halo. I'm not going to say that any of the Halo's are the best FPS I have ever played but I have had Halo 3 longer than I have had any other game I currently own. I always come back to it eventually.

nycredude3004d ago

You two need to put IMO in your comments. You may think no one beats halo but I have Halo 3 and I can't get into to it at all. Too much like the beginning of Haze so IMO Halo isn't all that.

BeaArthur3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )'s obviously an opinion. Obviously not everyone is going to like it, I didn't say it was a fact anywhere. I see why you have 2 bubbles. Continue to think that PS3 only owners are superior and somehow don't care about great games because of some delusional sense of originality. Great games are great games and just because your inner fanboy won't allow you to play them doesn't mean you are somehow a more sophisticated gamer. Your opinion is irrelevant because you are a pathetic fanboy that can't appreciate anything other than Sony exclusives and because you have probably never even played a Halo game. At least not one in this generation.

Chubear3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Look, PS3/PC gamers don't give a rat's ass about Halo; never have never wil. The only gamers that care about halo are Xbox fans. To any one else halo is an average decent shooter. It's a game that tries to do what UT used to do in the past and UT3 is currently a far superior gaming experience than halo3 or ODST (with similar gameplay) yet it struggles to see 1mill in sales on the 360. Uhmmm, I wonder, how come?

Bottom line, PS3 gamers are now looking at this to see if Bungie actually have what it takes to create a TRULY high quality gaming experience and not hoping to get some version of Halo seeing as UT3 is already on the PS3 with even better features.

This is where we see, can Bungie deliver or do they desperately need that MS ultra hype marketing to be viewed as elite developers. To me, they've never really done great games but rather decent good games.

I will never understand the phenomena of halo. Haze had very similar (SP campaign) pacing flow to gameplay like Halo but that was considered "teh worst FPS EVA" but halo "iz teh god!!" - Marketing, it's an incredible thing.

sikbeta3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )


"PS3 is so great that it doesn't need another shooter"

PS3? is your nightmare of something... the guy is Talking about the [OVERSATURATION] of The First Person Shooter Genre...

BeaArthur3004d ago

sikbeta...I understand your confusion because what he said is illegible. To me he seems like he is saying that the PS3 doesn't need anymore shooters. What I am saying is that a great game is a great game, doesn't matter what genre it is, or if the market already has a ton of them.

divideby03004d ago

I have purchased every Halo game except ODST...Halo SP game is ok..MP to me is meh... I am interested in Reach though...last thing I need to see is a Halo type game on the PS3...bring on KZ3 with its engine tweated and CoOP...and lets see how Crysis comes out

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