'Wake Up' To New Alan Wake Trailer; Free Game Add-On Announced

Ex: "Announced back in 2005, we were starting to fear that Alan Wake would become the Gran Turismo 5 of the Xbox 360. Our fears have been soundly and dramatically put to rest with recent deluge of information, hype, and trailers surrounding the upcoming May 18th release of Remedy's psychological action thriller.

This morning a brand new trailer, the best to date in our opinion, has been released serving to suck us into the spooky atmosphere and engaging storyline.

We also have new details from Remedy about free game add-on content."


Trailer without subtitles:

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dangert122882d ago

now thats how you make a trailer and erm whats the details on the addon content or did i miss it :s

Echo3072882d ago

This game is looking much darker than I imagined. For a long time I was very "meh" on the game itself, but everything I've seen in the past month or so makes me think it should be a day 1 purchase.

What marketing Microsoft/Remedy has done for this game has been good. All the trailers have looked great.

baum2882d ago

"Announced back in 2005, we were starting to fear that Alan Wake would become the Gran Turismo 5 of the Xbox 360."

This is one of the dumbest things ever written by a gaming pseudo-journalist. What a moron. How do these people manage to make a living?

Echo3072882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

I don't really think it's THAT strange of a comparison. Sure, those two games are in no way similar and have nothing to do with one another, but they have both been in production for a very long time, and they've both been delayed over and over again.

The good news is, they're both looking great, and they should both be out this year:-)

Hallmark Moment2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

It does make sense. WOW. I was thinking 360 fanboys would be offended by that line; not PS3 fanboys.

Why isn't May 18th here yet!

A little insight on how things came together.

baum2882d ago

You are funny.

Why would 360 fanboys be offended for comparing an as of yet unproven IP with the definitive game of the racing genre? Oh that's right, fanboys think GT5 is not definitive and already presume Alan Wake must be the second coming of Master Chief or whatever.

Also, I am not a PS3 fanboy, I'm only a rational consumer that recognizes the good quality products from the sh1t, but of course, those that can't take the truth will have to label me as a fanboy to justify their beliefs.

Furthermore, Alan Wake is new, unproven IP, whereas most iterations of gran turismo have been critically acclaimed and have sold around 10 million, sometimes up to 15 million units; by Xbox fanboy logic, that should be enough, but for those rational consumers that want (and know) the facts, every Gran Turismo is the most full featured racing sim compared to any other racing in the market, at least when it comes out.

I never even said Alan Wake will suck, it might be a great game, just that it's unproven. They're in completely different genres, and Alan Wake will most likely not achieve the success of Gran Turismo, at least not in this iteration. Notice I'm saying "not likely", I'm not asserting anything, because it's possible that it could, it would just be stupid to think otherwise.

When any rational being thinks of GT5, they think: Definitive, racing, most features, dozens of millions of sales, great graphics. When thinking about Alan Wake, rational people think. Mystery, suspense, horror, new IP, Hardcore game, Stephen King; some might even associate it with Alone in the Dark and Luigi's mansion; only fanboys think about "delays" for games like these which are either new IP or properties that have only been in development for one generation or both (unlike Too Human or Duke Nukem which are either old IP or had been in development for three generations, or both). So let's not go there, "Too Human" might come to the conversation. Oops, "Too late".

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reluctant_gamer2882d ago

It's not in the trailer, they talked about it in the article itself.

shadowdancer2882d ago

I know this sounds crazy, but this game reminds of a super old game on the 3DO called "D."

Echo3072882d ago

3DO? Man, it's been a long time since I've heard the name of that console surface:-)

hoops2882d ago

Hmmm...Now if this were on the PS3 you would be saying:


Ah the fanboys of

air12882d ago

i cant wait to get this game!

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