Bungie's Grand Plans For Their First Post-Halo "Action" Game

Kotaku: The game Bungie makes after Halo: Reach will be huge, on multiple platforms - won't be Marathon-related - and is under Bungie's control, the studio's Brian Jarrard told Kotaku today. With Bungie's future clarified, we learned some new details.

Our interview occurred scant hours after Bungie announced that it has signed a 10-year deal with mega-publisher Activision Blizzard (Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft) to publish Bungie's next game series, across 10 years

But what's the game?

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Dellis3031d ago

It will be another FPS that's for sure, it has to be a game that brings Halo fans in.

NateNater3031d ago

Yea Jarrad even said, "Looking back on our pedigree we'll definitely be building on the strengths that have helped Bungie to get where we are today"

3031d ago
Nicholas Cage3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

i would love to play a halo type game on my ps3 so i dont have to buy a whole new system. i want coop. but unfortunatley i cannot expect the world if it is going to be multiplatform. but why cant it be great?;)

4 women...6 smitty the father lol-fn maury!

BeaArthur3031d ago

whathappened...did you rehearse that in the mirror before you wrote it? I own a 360 and I'm just fine.

captain-obvious3031d ago

i can tell this
it'll be one hell of a hyped game
both bungie and activision good at hyping, like reaaaaallllly good

lociefer3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

i just hope in the future we dont look back at this , deal, and tell bungie *we told you so about Activision *

Sarcasm3031d ago

"The Activision deal with Bungie may be for a single franchise from Bungie, a studio currently doing light work on that game while working on Halo Reach, but Jarrard made it clear that Bungie does not want to spread itself thin. 'We realize we're at our best when we have everyone aligned with one vision working on one great project.'"

Well there you have it. It's going to be "one IP" like green who keeps bringing it up like a crying girl. But what... wait... what's this...??? "We realize we're at our best when we have everyone aligned with one vision working on one great project." Oh really now? So the next 10 years could be a game every 2-3 years focusing on one new Franchise.

Crazy Larry3031d ago

I'm NOT saying this in a fanboy type of way (I own both systems)...but the fact is, for ten years now, Sony fans have been trash talking Halo and in the matter of just a couple hours, the mindset of all of them is a 180. What the hell Sony you like Bungie or not?

mikeslemonade3031d ago

I'm pro-Sony and I always had respect for Bungie. I knew they made great games but graphics weren't their strong point. I always talked bad about the graphics aspects of their game As far as the game, I can only be excited especially if it's led on PS3.

Drac3031d ago

I'm a PS3 owner, and have always liked Bungie as a developer, owned marathon, and Halo (reason I bought a XBox).

Will be cusious to see what they produce next, would love to see them work on a FPSMMO, something similiar to planetside would be great, and still working with there strengths.

Solidus187-SCMilk3031d ago

Im really excited to see what their new IP is going to be.

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omegaheat3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

I think Bungie should have held off from announcing this information until at least after Reach's release. This could be bad for Reach's sales. If gamers get the impression that Bungie's been working on another alleged title on the side other than Reach, they may feel that Bungie won't put the full attention that's needed to make Halo Reach the game to redeem the disappointments of Halo3 and ODST. I don't know about the rest of you, but Bungie doesn't exactly live up to its promises, and multi-tasking doesn't seem to be an expertise for them. "When it's done it's done" can no longer be an excuse. They've made alot of money from the Halo franchise. I smell foul. It's really strange how this announcement came so shortly after the Infinity Ward and Activision problems. Spare me the politics of videogaming. This generation has been great, but I liked things better when I knew less about what was going on behind the scenes of the devs and publishers. Knowing more doesn't mean it makes more sense.

NateNater3031d ago

I don't think they could hold off until Reach's release because I have a feeling they're going to unveil something at E3.

randomwiz3031d ago

I don't think will hurt Reach sales at all. I don't think any sensible gamer that owns a 360 can hold off on playing Reach.

sinclaircrown3031d ago

How in the world would this affect sales of Reach?? Reach is done, finished, andgoing on sale very soon. Anyone who was planning to buy Reach before this announcement will still be buying it.

So many people on here tend to forget that most people who play video games likely don't even read this kind of article. Even most hardcore gamers don't give a crap about this kind of news as long as they still get great games to play now and in the future.

OmegaSlayer3031d ago

The whole story is interesting.
I don't think that good blood flows between MS and Bungie.
I think that Reach is being released for the fans, not for MS wellness.

If there's really a good relationship with MS, Bungie would have wait.
I think that this announcement is quite a middle finger to MS for a reason we'll never know.
And I still remember that in 2008 Bungie guys were at the Sony E3 conference and were ready to announce something on their site, but they pulled it off some days later.
The countdown ended the same time of the Sony speech.

Bungie at Sony's press was said both in Kotaku and vg247 liveblogs

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Sevir043031d ago

in anycase, i'm actually happy Bungie is on now on the ps3. they can flex some of that talent. and i'm sure they'll know it as well considering they've worked with both infinity ward of old and naughty dog for uncharted 2 so i'm sure this will be good for them.

I cant believe it... still cant wrap my head around it. ACTIVITION!? my word.

TheTwelve3031d ago

Looking back, this may be what people pinpoint on timelines as where Microsoft began to get beat out of the gaming industry. Without Bungie, the Xbox and 360 would NOT be what it is today, 100% truth.


BeaArthur3031d ago

Curious to see what it is.

eagle213031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Bubble up Shaka because 360 fans have left the

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