Bungie: New game "might be" at E3

VG247: Bungie's Brian Jarrard has told VG247 that its new IP that will be published by Activision "might be" at E3 in June.

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dangert122919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

news rumors etc defo keeping n4g alive today
and if sony is right about it been halo on steriods
i doubt it will be at e3 as it would kill the halo hype well possible but hey thats my opinion


hey better show something about it. I might be pissing 360 fanboys off by saying this, but, Bungie will be under a lot of pressure. I'm expecting a lot and this is all to show that they're not a "one trick pony". If they don't bring it, I'm going to criticize heavily...yeah.

dangert122919d ago

this new game from what sony says sounds just like halo but better except for halo c.e there story telling method is more then boring yes im talking halo 2,3 and odst campaign there trick online

darkmurder2919d ago

I think Bungie are overrated IMO but having said that Reach looks great.

dangert122919d ago

yes they are overated because they have not made a game that has good single on multiplayer you imaigine halo 3 a single player campaign only game it would be the worst game i've played real talk
but the multiplayer asspects are unreal thats whats made bungie for me

vhero2918d ago

Imagine if the game was at E3 though?? I mean they would overshadow there own game (Halo Reach).. The last thing MS needs right now is Bungie to show that game at E3 and will probably foot the bill for them not to. Nobody would bother watching Halo Reach as everybody will be fixated on the new game and Reach will be forgotten.

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Brewski0072919d ago

Wow, I was just saying in an article earlier that it'd have been better to wait for bungie and activisions announcement until E3, BUT, if they announce the new game title then i'll certainly be happy with that.