3D-Gaming: Not in this (console) life, says Ninja Theory designer

In an interview with German PS3 magazine Play3 Tameem Antoniades (Ninja Theory) talked about 3D-Hype of this console generation. He told Play3 that you'll need full 60 frames per second for each eye. The resolution of 3D games should be at least 1080i, 1080p may be better. And this will not be possible in this console generation.

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Chris3993035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

He's starting to remind me of Denis Dyack. He'd have a bit more cred if he managed to release a game that actually felt complete, for once.

P.S. Aren't there already 720p 3D games in the works? What exactly is he going on about? Pretty sure whatever smoke and mirrors tech Nintendo is using for their 3DS ISN'T going to be full 1080p auto-stereoscopic tech either. And they don't seem particularly plussed by that. Gee... take the word of two of the industry's leaders (Sony/ Ninty) or some fellah who can't finish a game properly?

Tameem likes to wear those massive Jackie O sunglasses too, which I - personally - find irritating.

ClownBelt3035d ago

People seems to get mad at this guy so fast.

I think what Sony's doing is introducing the gamers into 3d so that by next generation it's already adapted by the developers.

Chris3993035d ago

Toward everyone. Enslaved had better be a AAA masterpiece at this point (which it's probably not).

sikbeta3035d ago


That's a Great Point but Chris399 is right about this particular dude...


Yeah...Sure, meanwhile I'm Expecting for Gran Turismo 5, to Run as Fast as I can to Buy a 3HDTV to Enjoy The Amazing Experience of 3D Gaming...


then why is gran tourismo 5 3d just cos ninja theroy cant do it dont mean others cant.