Sony: New Bungie IP 'Halo on steroids'

CVG: Sony has welcomed Bungie's official move to multiplatform development - suggesting its new IP could become 'Halo on steroids' on PS3.

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sinncross3031d ago


Though I was expecting something a little more tangible here: oh well I cant wait to see what Bungie have in store.

zoks3103031d ago

Oh sounds like Sony got some info on Bungie's next game that they dont want to share just yet...hmmmm.....

young juice3031d ago

dont think so, unless its exclusive.

bungie is a talented studio and i would really like to see what they could make without a 6gb limitation

StanLee3031d ago

They would hope but it wont be. I doubt Bungie recreates the success of Halo with this new IP.

despair3031d ago


thats almost exactly the image that ran through my head when I read the headlines(more clothes though). Nice one. lol

Tiberium3031d ago

Nice job pulling info out of your A$$ sony. It's multiplatform btw.

Oner3031d ago

Add into the fray that the Naughty Dog PS3 devs have thanked/collaborated with Bungie and things are looking to be quite interesting...

reload443031d ago

i want one xbox because of halo but now i don't need to buy it

Montrealien3031d ago

I may be going out on a lim here, bt I am pretty sure it will be a next gen title.

silvacrest3031d ago

no actual game information has been confirmed so who is pulling what out of their ass now?

besides, whatever game bungie makes could end up being a a 3rd party exclusive to either microsoft or sony

time will tell

iFLOWLIKEWATER3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

hing is though, once Reach is out of the way, MS will focus on this Bungie game and throw money at it, practically nurturing it like its a 360 exclusive. I'm certain of this, MS will poke its head in, with a bag of money following suit, in both hands. Will Sony do that, to make sure its version is "up to snuff"? Only time will tell and I'm just throwing that little nugget out there for whoever...

Edit: My comment presented a bad time line. No one knows when this Bungie game will be gracing whatever consoles. But in case anyone missed it, here you go...

lelo2play3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Hummm... every fanboy bashes Halo... but as soon as a multiplatform game (just like halo) is announced as multiplatform ... they become happy.

LOL... fanboys.

EDIT: @1.13 - I have LBP for PS3, and it's a good game, but in all honesty, i don't think it deserved all the 10's it got... nor did Halo 3 deserve all the 10's it got.

Orange Juice3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

And you know what would happen if Media Molecule went multiplat and their next games were on the xbox? Thats right, most of the people that bashed lbp would be watering at the mouth for whatever MM made and Microsoft would have a swift smart ass response. It goes both ways. That wont happen of course with MM being first party now but its just an example.

edit I'm just saying that the global reaction would be the same no matter who went multiplat. I'm glad you enjoyed lbp though, congrats.

Danteh3031d ago

LMAO this is equivalent to when FFXIII went to the 360


I'll make an excepcion and I'll put myself in fanboy mode:

MICROSOFT IS DOOMED ONLY GEARS IS LEFT :D:D:D::D:D:D::D:D:D:!!!!!!!!! !!!1111111111111111111111111111

Mr Pumblechook3031d ago

This is a massive dollar deal. Activision wouldn't have gone into it with just a vague promise from Bungie, they have been SHOWN something concrete about this new IP. This means, perhaps, initial concept art, world setting, characters and more. Maybe we might get a teaser at E3...

sikbeta3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

I Hope So, Great News for Gamers...


lol +1

njr3031d ago

Funny how the source said they got that quote from a Sony rep's status on twitter. Really? Is this really news worthy?

darthv723031d ago

that leaves 343 to carry on the halo-esq stuff and bungie can bring ONI back to life on ps3 and fix call of duty for Activiasion since they screwed over infinity ward?

HolyOrangeCows3031d ago

Halo is switching over to the Unreal engine?! Maybe it'll have half a chance to play in 720p.

Get it? Steroids? Unreal Engine?

Therealspy033031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

just nailed it...

sony is pulling this info outta their ass to do exactly what easily duped people like reload just said.

they made this crap up to say to all the sony owners thinking of getting a 360 for the new halo "hey, you don't need to do that cuz we'll be getting bungie's better game." and look at the agree/disagree ratio here. obviously it's working. cuz the sony fanboys think sony's words are the words of god.

sony knows NOTHING of the new IP. i'm willing to bet the new IP is barely outta the brainstorming phase. no demo, not even a new engine. just sony making some junk up to do some dmg control for halo reach. and...the sad, PATHETIC thing works on many of you.

so if you stop and actually THINK before assuming sony isn't just implementing a marketing strategy, you'd realize a few things. the biggest one...a new game is probably 2 years away. if it's not 2 years away, it's likely just going to use the same engine they are currently using (which would sort of limit the steroidness of the game). also...if they are using the same's designed around 360 360 would still be the lead platform.

i think it's hilarious that all you sony guys for years have slammed bungie saying halo is terrible (and they are halo) and that they aren't great developers. but now that sony released one garbage statement, you suddenly support bungie...AS LONG AS they are developing something for ps3 that sony claims is better than halo.

it's a joke...and it's amazing you all buy it so easy. how does it feel to apply no logic or reason in your daily life and just be a corporate slave? i imagine pretty empty. but at least you can feel good in the knowledge that you aren't alone...there are millions of you...unfortunately.

@lelo: exactly...bubble

@danteh: no, for that to happen, we'd have to see hundreds of 360 fanboys threatening to kill themselves over the news. lol. give me a break. and you make it sound like ps3 is getting the halo ip...that's not true. but the words were chosen carefully just to dupe silly ppl into buying into it.

N4BmpS3031d ago

It sounds to me that Sony will try to be the promoter of this title. Hmmm now, this where we gamers can separate the real gamers from the not real gamers. How you ask? Now I'm sure many of you will buy this Bungie game if it looks good and since it's Bungie you should know that it will have a great amount of quality in gameplay and graphics. So the test is who, other than many of us, will recognize the Title because Bungies name? Think about it. How many people know Bungie's name? I mean really. other than us.

N4Flamers3031d ago

Bungie isnt halo, I know marathon is pretty much halo, but that statement is wrong. PS3 fans slammed halo not Bungie. If they made a game that was better than halo why would they not like it, because its better? Some people can hate companies and still buy their games, like all the people who boycotted MW2 but went out and bought it anyway.

I dont have anything against Bungie but I hate Activision and I wont support this game because they are involved.

So I guess you are a real spy because you seem to know that sony is just making things up. Let me know when the last guardian is shipping then. Thanks.

Therealspy033031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

You don't have to be a marketing major to see how deliberate this statement was. there was a very intended meaning here. and reload expressed it perfectly with this comment: "i want one xbox because of halo but now i don't need to buy it."

it was a very smart marketing ploy by sony, but anyone with half a brain, or without bias can see right through it. fortunately for sony, a person with half a working brain and a neutral opinion is practically extinct.

N4Flamers3031d ago

I dont think it was a deliberate marketing move besides if anyone reads the entire statement there is no way the can misinterpret it. However yes some people do kind of miss the point.

AAACE53031d ago

MS owns the halo franchise and future games will be made by 343 studios. MS also owns a large stock in Bungie which was part of their departure deal, so MS doesn't have to throw money at them.

Also, 343 has one of the heads of bungie working for them now, so the franchise isn't in any danger.

Bungie has wanted to do different types of games just like IW wanted to do. So we should expect something different from both studios. I guess I should say respawn studios wants to do something different.

sgtmus3030d ago

Funny pic.
So this is true then, wow.
I sound a little stupid saying that.

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blackmamba7073031d ago

they made laughable crappy overrated overhyped games on lolbox, and history likes to repeat itself

I for one am not looking forward to playing dirty Gaylo clone on my so fresh so clean superior console

JonDiskonected3031d ago

cause first of all, it'll be a multiplat being develloped on the 360 as lead(like usual)

and halo is just plain bad, even if you put it on ps3 it'll still be bad

Brewski0073031d ago

Lets all remember they said reach is the last halo, so theres no need to say that. Thankfully the ps3 will get something fresh and new rather than a stale money-spinner like halo.

table3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

I wouldn't say Halo is bad or stale. The games are very original with some of the best shooting mechanics around in FPS combined with a likeable story and characters. If you want stale think Resistance2, the Halo wannabe. Bungie are proven developers, this is good news for ps3 owners.

The Wood3031d ago


bigger, badder just not better which was kinda strange. Many people did enjoy it but many just preferred the original. odst was stale though and was definitely an add on dressed up as a full game....some people still cant admit that to this day even though it was stated long before release. muitiplayer doesnt make a full game people

RadientFlux3031d ago

wow my ignore list is growing quite large today, so many new accounts, so little time

GiantEnemyCrab3031d ago

So stale it has hundreds of thousands of plays weekly and when they launch a new one even the movie industry takes notice and uses it as an excuse of why their movie isn't bringing in people.

That might be your personal opinion it is far far from reality when it comes to the gaming masses.

So many from the Sony camp bash Bungie/Halo religiously here at least you aren't one of the many hypocrites here now thinking this is some victory..

Quadrostacker3031d ago

that its ps3 & pc multiplat instead of ps3 & 360 multiplat

The Wood3031d ago

thanks for not labeling me a 'loyalist' mind you. I noticed you only need ur co op medal on uncharted 2 for the platty......are you that anti sony:)

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GabeTheFatPrincess3031d ago

can't wait to play Bungies game on my PS3! best of luck to them.

ASSASSYN 36o3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Where is the arguement that multiplatform includes PC and Xbox 360? Bungie might make a ps3 game. They have not made a PC game for years and that includes Halo on PC it was not made by bungie. I think some of you are jumping the gun on this. Wait until they said, "we are making a PS3 game." Then some of you who have ripped on halo for years can suddenly have full intrest in the halo series.

The Wood3031d ago

we want something fresh/new/ can say what they want but the gamers here want something else. If any of us want halo that badly we just have to pony up and get a 360, simple

-Alpha3031d ago

That's exactly what I did :/

It's the only reason I own a 360 and IMO is the major reason why Xbox has been so successful.

Hopefully this new IP is great though I'm hoping it is different from Halo in which case it wouldn't really be a good analogy to call it Halo on Steroids.

All I want to see is a great game, with some great multiplayer and the features that made Halo so rich. Halo had amazing balance, amazing features that games today still don't have, and user-generated content. I hope Bungie can bring that to the PS3.

ASSASSYN 36o3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

You need to read comments beyond the limited scope of and pop your bubble. I have seen some sony gamers state, "I can not wait to play halo on my ps3." or "Yay halo is coming to the ps3!" "nobody in this thread wants halo that bad dude..." I guess you are so well informed that you speak for everyone who plays games on the this thread. Believe it or not there exists numerous sony gamers who like the halo series but don't like the 360. Be it issues with the cost of xbox-live, wireless functionality, and even the controller.

The Wood3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

the majority of ps3 gamers dont want NOT ALL...clear enough.. i mean just look in here, this thread and tell me how many want it 'that badly'...please and whilst ur at it tell me 1 quality game that 1 person from another faction doesnt want so what you said goes without saying. ill just use the term majority

ASSASSYN 36o3031d ago

I think you can better pull off that magical feat of "what 1 quality game that 1 person from another faction doesn't want" since you are SO knowledgeable about what the majority DO want.

The Wood3031d ago

show me the me these people you speak least i have this very thread to back a part of my point. Whats your backup...did 'why dis' tell you.... anyway the 360 is dirt cheap. There's really no excuse for any gamers NOT to play halo if they really want to. Some of these 'people' you speak of only want halo as a beating stick to use against MS and its fans like urself, while im sure some really do and others really dont give a sh1t. like the majority of n4g not some unnameable unnameable part of the world outside n4g.. You know in the unnameable unnameable part outside n4g '360 people' pine over every ps3 3rd party/1st party exclusive...tru story

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