NXT Gamer: A Look At Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is a video game developed by Rockstar San Diego, and is the successor to the 2004 release Red Dead Revolver.

The game is a sandbox action-adventure game in a western setting, the game is based in American in the early 1900s; the game is centred around the former outlaw, John Marston. He was given a mission by the government to kill or capture his comrades from the gang he was in, included in this is his old 'friend' and the leader of the gang Bill Williamson. If he fails to do this, his family will pay for it. During the games progression Marston is given work that will be done in the open world with free roaming abilities and sandbox environments. The places you will be visiting include old west style towns, prairies, mountain passages, and desert areas. The game has over forty different types of animals that can be hunted, some of which include, elk, beaver, bears, deer, wolves, coyotes, boars, rattlesnakes, ducks, and plenty more will be revealed with the games release.

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