Game offers PS3 OtherOS refund and tries to buy silence of gamer

Zeus of MaxConsole Writes: "Today we have received information and proof from a trusted source and GAME customer that the leading UK retailer has offered him a partial refund credit over the PS3's removal of OtherOS. But the gesture comes with a price, they have tried to buy his silence and ordered him not to to tell anyone else should he wish to collect 75 GBP worth of GAME credit!"

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NateNater3034d ago

If they're trying to buy his silence, it doesn't help to write an article about it and tell everyone lol. Silence broken.

zetsuei13034d ago

There was no "proof" or at least evidence in this poor little article. Really?! After Bungie thing XBOTS mad are gonna approve this no matter what.

Sad enough this an failed attempt to be a attention whore.

NateNater3034d ago

"And for those who wonder. MaxConsole did indeed require proof of this event and has the full e-mail exchange. Additionally, the GAME customer is one who we really trust and have known for quite some time!"

zetsuei13034d ago

Yeah believe in everything you read on internet.

Seriously i could have done the same article saying the same things and giving some "REAL PROOF" that i did contact GAME although i currently live in Argentina.

Whoever believes in a site just because he said that "it was checked" deserve a bullet in the middle of the head for being so stupid.This would allow him to suffer less from being stupid.

And Maxconsole?! If it was at least a decent site, why the hell would someone give proff and evidence of this and not to IGN UK for example?!Which is by the way (if you don't know) much more reliable and would have much more impact. Oh man. Gimme a break.

NateNater3034d ago

I think you're getting too upset over this. It's just an article. I didn't say I believed it but it is possible to ask the site to see the actual email exchange for actual proof of the event.

tedthegamer3034d ago

There are proof images besides the quotes. The last image in article is clearly part of the e-mail from GAME.

Surt3034d ago

Buy silence? The one's at fault are the retailer for not telling the costumer to shove off. Sony is within there rights to remove Any OS they want. Just as MS has the right to remove party chat if they want. You can never prove that millions of people went out to buy a 360 for JUST the party chat. Nor ps3 for LINUX. AND ITS BLOODY LINUX! (the special child, for special people!)lol

It's all about what you can get from a big companies. Its all about money. Yeah your broke, and they are rich. Still does make you make you less pathetic to try and milk em. But it's not fair you say? why the big push around the small? Life not fair kids. It Never said it was.

Be happy at your own accomplishments, and don't worry others. Don't compare. And you'll be content. And not come off as those fools that try to get an easy ride by going sue happy.

FantasyStar3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

What are you on about? The gamer refused the money. They effectively "tried" to buy his silence.