Killzone 2: Exclusive Expanded Details

Newsweek gets exclusive expanded details on Killzone 2 for the PS3.

N'Gai Croal Reports:

When we arrived at SCE's Santa Monica studios for our world exclusive first hands-on session we were escorted into a conference room to sit down with Guerrilla managing director Hermen Hulst, producer Steven ter Heide, and game director Mathijs de Jonge. We began with another playthrough of the level with de Jonge at the controls and ter Heide manning a keyboard plugged into the PS3 development kit, periodically slowing down or pausing the action so that we could discuss a particular detail.

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Arkham3970d ago

"[There] are more polygons in a single character model in Killzone 2 than in an entire level from Killzone 1."

Holy Kcuf.

Honcho3970d ago

That is really amazing!! This game will be a must have when it is released!

Mycococo3970d ago

"the impression that we've gotten is that they're proud of their achievement, while recognizing that they still have many miles to go."

miles to gi means everything about the game will surpass the old trailer.

360RULEZ3970d ago

"[There] are more polygons in a single character model in Killzone 2 than in an entire level from Killzone 1"

yeah just like borezone 2's 05 E3 trailer was real-time demo and not fake CGI.

the character animations look jaggy and old-gen, and the colors are so dark that the enemy and ally soldiers are barely visible .. theyre mostly black and grey .. polygons ?

Super mario bros and NES has more polygons ..

pathetic sony boys .. look at Halo 3 and look how color palettes should be used .. not just black and grey.

Bill Gates3970d ago

I thought I smelled a foul stench as soon as I came in here. It's you! You smell of XBOT turd. Someone quickly get the XBOT toilette scrubber, and scrub out this turd.

XBOTS, peeeeyoouuuu!


Asuka3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

because Killzone 2 lived up to the hype and you really have nothing better to say except bring up Super mario bros..........damn, i almost feel sorry for you......almost lol

quiddd3970d ago

yeah a simulated war is often colorful like the rainbow.

novaIS3503970d ago

don't you mean Gears of Bore?

deadman1213970d ago

Clearly you can see. That:

1) He hasn't seen the trailer.. And if he has he needs to visit specsavers..

2) His Towelbox 360 gave him the three red lights when trying to play the killzone 2 trailer on it...

3) He cant find any towels to fix his xbox 360..

chitown3970d ago

ur a fu(kin [email protected] bro. get a life. u honestly give 360 owners a bad rep. stop hatin cause u kno killzone is gonna be a beastly game

dodgefate3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Aww... TheMart finally made another account that shows his true colors I am so proud, the little fanboy is growing up an it almost bring a tear to my eye.

It is funny cause you know when any good news comes out cause all the morons come out to play, even my 10 year old sitting next to me is laughing at this.

An don't get so mad that Killzone 2 is a sick game just cause you don't have a job an couldn't buy a PS3, like you said an I am sure you keep saying Halo this Halo that well hmm.. there is a lot of halo news how about going to one of the articles an pass on you wisedum.

ps: Ninja Gaiden Sigma looks better then Halo 3 guess it is from the 1080p at 60fps I don't know

shysun3970d ago

Gears is a dark game as well and it the best looking game on shelves.....whats your point "FANBOY"?!

Babylonian3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Be easy on him. I think it's just a kid who likes his 360, I'm not kidding.

Hey kid, leave it a rest will ya. Go play some games or suck your mama's titties or something.

Arkham3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Well, I would much rather wear the grey and black fatigues than pink or blue jumpsuits with shiny little hats.

Oh, J/K. No offence, but seriously, if you have a problem with the artistic direction, fine, but when you make that your main gripe about the game, well... I'd say things are just fine in the world.

ps3FTW3970d ago

You make 360 fans look bad.

popup3970d ago

Heh, I ignored this child after like its 2nd post.

I think comments like the ones it makes really are offensive - in particular to the microscopic organisms that collect around undersea volcanic ducts.

darkvenom3970d ago

War is dark not pretty bright colors...oh wait is the poor wittle fanboy scared? aww don't worry uncle darknight will protect you from big bad i won't!, you disgust me! crawl back to your sad little loser life!

sjappie3970d ago

It depends were a war is fought. If it's fought in a desert it's not gonna be dark is it?
I agree that what we've seen from KZ2 sofar is a bit too dark to actually see the graphics very well, unlike COD 4, wich blows KZ2 away.

popup3969d ago

COD 4 looks really good. I love the animation and the tense gameplay but for pure adrenaline-filled mayhem, Killzone leaves it in its wake.

I am not saying which is better, just that they are too different to say one ownz (i hate that word) the other.

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MK_Red3970d ago

Wow, cool article and info. Great find. Cant wait to see more of Killzone2.

god4bid3970d ago

even im 360 fanboy and I think Killzone 2 looks should follow me by example and plz do not embarrass us anymore

ALIEN3970d ago

YEAH! I want to know more about KZ2.

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