Bungie explains Activision deal

Eurogamers Tom Bramwell writes: "Earlier today Activision announced a 10-year deal to publish and distribute games based on Bungie's new, non-Halo IP, and the internet went predictably mental. We got Bungie's Brian Jarrard on the phone this afternoon to talk about the deal, the new IP and what it means for the developer."

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Demon Blade3000d ago

thank you Bungie for considering the other platforms most appreciated.

rroded3000d ago

Brian Jarrard: I can't get into specifics, but we're definitely looking at building a universe that people want to spend time in.

we have a tremendous deal, we have a tremendous partnership, and Bungie did not have to compromise sort of the core values of our studio. We have these seven principles of our constitution, and we stuck by those and were able to find a deal that aligned perfectly.

Specifically I'm referring to really important things to us like the fact that we remain an independent company, the fact that we will actually own this IP outright, the fact that we have a significant degree of creative control and this will be a true partnership for us.

chasegarcia3000d ago

I predict their next game will support the Playstation Move and would not be on the Wii.

SuperStrokey11233000d ago

Doubt it, it will have to be on 360 too as this is activision. It will use the controller.

-MD-3000d ago

I haven't read anything about this "deal" between activision and bungie but how on earth could Microsoft not publish their next game after the success of Halo? I don't understand that at all.

chasegarcia3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

It was something like this.

Bungie: We are an independent studio and are now looking for a new publisher. Show me the money!

Sony: I will not give you money but I can promise you we will treat you like our children's.

Microsft: Plz Stay with us. I beg you. Natal is coming. 5 million but only halo.

Ubisoft: I don't have that much money. I can offer......extra lunch breaks.

EA: 6 Million!

Activision: 7 million!

EA: 8 Million!

Activision: 11 million!!!!!!!

EA: God damn it.

Hallmark Moment3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

"Sony: I will not give you money but I can promise you we will treat you like our children's."

More like

Bungie: We wan't to venture out as we said years ago just waiting for a publisher and Sony to pay, We at Bungie hope we get more from Sony then Rockstar got from Sony with Agent.

"Microsft: Plz Stay with us. I beg you. Natal is coming. 5 million but only halo."

More like

Microsoft: We support you guys wanting to branch off, when ever you want to sell 10-15 million copies of something on our console lets talk 1st party deals. Natal has our attention now and we're working on so many things right now we need to shift our resources elsewhere.

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