What other games should learn from Metal Gear's boss battles

GamesRadar: Boss battles usually blow. Your average one normally elicits all kind of disagreeable emotions. And by 'disagreeable emotions' we mean makes you drop loads of F-bombs, throw a pad through your plasma TV, followed by copious amounts of totally manly weeping in the foetal position. The Metal Gear Solid series is different, though.

Ever since 1998, Hideo Kojima and his talented team have been giving us awesome boss encounters without fail. Seriously, their batting average is ridiculous. Whether trying to best Snake Eater's ancient sniper in an hour long battle of endurance or switching pad sockets to psyche out Psycho Mantis, Snake's epic scraps have constantly punched through the fourth wall. Below, we'll recap some of the best ones and look at what other games could learn from the Gear's boss-battling master class.

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mjolliffe3003d ago

An awesome awesome game :)

Mahr3003d ago

Hopefully nothing because most of those battles are terrible.

"Oh, cool, Psycho Mantis makes you change control ports! It's art!"

Anon73493002d ago

I'm not a MGS fanboy or anything but they're boss fights are actually pretty well designed and clever... like the mech fight in MGS4 for example.