Bungie: IW controversy does not put it off from working with Activision

VG247: Bungie's Brian Jarrard has told VG247 that despite the scandal going on between Infinity Ward and Activision, the signing of a 10-year, multi-platform exclusivity deal on it's next IP with the company is an "exciting step" in the company's future.

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NateNater2947d ago

Whew! Tons of Bungie/Activision news today!

dangert122947d ago

were smart and made activion agree they would't do certain things just to make there contract safe etc

Senden2947d ago

Pfft.. never been a fan of Bungie and now officially hate them.. why would they want to have that scummy publisher's name on any of their games? Activision are the devil of the gaming industry.. first blizzard now bungie.. jeez!

NateNater2947d ago

No ones forcing you to buy their games.

dangert122947d ago

just like my fling with bizzare creations i will never ever buy another game under the activision brand plus atm
im saving for a ps3 cause i want GT 5 yeah baby yeah ;) lol

Viewtiful2947d ago

I can't believe Bungie would voluntarily work with a publisher that just tried to rob Infinity Ward of half a billion in hard-earned royalties.

MegaPowa2946d ago

try reading the article to find out why.