Bungie Delivers (Another) Surprise Morning Package

Brian Crecente from Kotaku writes: Imagine my surprise when a FedEx man left a package from Bungie, marked to be delivered first thing this morning, the day their ten-year publishing agreement with Activision was unveiled.

Slicing through the brown packing tape, I discovered a black Pelican case coiled in bubble wrap. Inside?

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STICKzophrenic2851d ago

As a big Halo fan, and someone who regularly shaves all my hair off, I would LOVE to have those.

hakeem09962850d ago

So they been BRIBE by danm Clippers. WOW! the IQ on you guys. It's a Danm CLIPPERS and did they say they were keeping it ? for all you know they might give it again as a prize to one of their subscribers.

Use your brains people please for GOD sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STICKzophrenic2850d ago there a reason you replied to my post???

Urmomlol2851d ago

Just out of curiosity...

Kotaku was calling out Game Famitsu for taking ad revenue and churning out a perfect score for Metal Gear Solid.

How can we honestly not expect their review for Halo: Reach not to be impaired when he gets stuff like this? Or does he really expect us to believe he's going to sell a personalized schwag kit like this to charity?

Government Cheese2851d ago

Probably not a good idea to start jumping to conclusions until we actually see Kotaku's review of the game. Which won't happen for another 5 months or so.

lokiroo4202851d ago

Gonna go out on a limb and say perfect score.

kaveti66162851d ago

I have to agree with Lookiroo, here. Ten bucks says Kotaku gives Reach a perfect score, and how can we as consumers trust this?

I love Halo, but I want a fair judgment. If Reach happens to suck, I want to know so I don't waste 65 bucks. It's not so hard to understand.

NeoBasch2851d ago

Perfect? I'm pretty sure Kotaku doesn't even have a numbered rating system. They won't. Then again, on the other hand, I'm sure others will.

raWfodog2851d ago

You don't have control over someone sending you stuff. At least he's letting us know that he received it and that he's planning on donating it.

And I dont think you really 'sell' stuff to charity organizations.

ASSASSYN 36o2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

They can score reach low and it will sell. Score's don't matter too much when the game is big before it even releases. And I am sure reach is going to be a continuance of a long standing history of quality and rich gaming. Yes gifts like these may and do have motives but I think this is just a publicity move.

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Arnon2851d ago

They're sending these out so you can post your shaven head on:


Pretty silly.

Gun_Senshi2851d ago

What about what you said about Famistu?

raWfodog2851d ago

Again, he's just reporting on swag that Bungie 'sent' him. You can't control someone sending you stuff. Almost all the major gaming sites receive stuff from developers to promote their games. He said that he's going to donate it. What more do you want?

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