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The Nintendo 3DS: 3-D Television's Trojan Horse?

Dick Ward writes : "And that's the first part of it, really. If the 3DS can give us a high quality 3-D picture without the need for glasses, they'll be perceived as being leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. It's not like motion control, which was doable before the Wii; this is 3-D the way people want to see it." (Culture, Nintendo DS)

Dylantalon1  +   1795d ago
xbl/psn- dylantalon
i cant wait to see the psp 2s 3d screen because sony doesn't play around. i wonder which 3d screen will look better, 3ds, or psp 2? im sure the psp 2s screen will be better.
Aphe  +   1795d ago
I haven't seen the psp 2 yet so I couldn't really argue with you about it. I haven't seen the 3ds either. Have you?
sinclaircrown  +   1795d ago
"im sure the psp 2s screen will be better"
Impossible to judge before either one has been shown. Although for fanboys, its easy to judge before hand.
hoops  +   1795d ago
You don't even know if the PSP2 will have 3D.....let alone a better screen. Fanboys will be fanboys...
Alcon Caper  +   1795d ago
shut up
sinclaircrown  +   1795d ago
I saw a 3DTV at CES this year that didn't require glasses. They only showed an animated airplane on the screen, and it was cool seeing the wings pop out sometimes. However, I think on a large screen TV there's a long way to go before they will be produced.

The picture was hard on the eyes at certain angles. Really cool tech though and hopefully in a few years they can make it work well on a large scale.
fossilfern  +   1795d ago
I prefer this approach to 3D TV compared to using glasses because after all this time its just dawned on my mind. The lenses on the 3D glasses are almost acting as sun glasses, being so dark, so you buy a TV wanting the best whites and contrast and colour but your fading it out due to the glasses ? so whats the point ?
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gonzodamus  +   1795d ago
That's why you need the extra bright LED backlit sets! :p
jjesso1993  +   1795d ago
fossilfern have you tryed 3d yet on the tv's ? is that what it really like i never really got that feeling from avatar in the pictures hope its not like that.

Dylantalon1 psp 2 has not even been anounced yet if your tihnking it will becuase nintendo annouced the 3ds your wrong sony do not work like that they will only annouce somthing when they want and there ready. the ds has stamped all the psp sony have put lot work to with psp2 this time round get some killer titles every year. and last dont focus to much graphics on handeled.
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Dylantalon1  +   1795d ago
xbl/psn- dylantalon
people are calling me a fanboy foer making a personal prediction about the psp 2 having a 3d screen. you guys could believe whatever you want because youre free to do so , but i can make an educated guess and say that psp 2 will have 3d implemented in some way. if i'm to make a guess about sony psp 2, i can rationally think that it will be better than nintendo's 3ds. when was the last time nintendo released a product that is the equivalent to sony's console or handheld on a technological basis? nintendos 3ds will be as powerful as a gamecube with way less features than a psp 2. i cant believe people would think that in a time like this, especially when sony is the only company (with consoles) pushing the 3d tech through tvs and console , they wouldnt implement 3d on a psp 2.

when you want to play and your mind needs a vacation , you dont need any communication, from the policestation, or exploration in some far off nation, all you need is a playstation.

hoops  +   1795d ago
"when was the last time nintendo released a product that is the equivalent to sony's console or handheld on a technological basis?"

Hmmm...Lets see...
The GameCube....The N64
Both those consoles were technically better then the PS2 and PS1.
Especially the Gamecube. The PS2 was the weakest system that generation. The PS1 lacked the same type of 3D rendering as the N64.
Try again.
Btw. When in the history of console gaming has a system "WON" based on power and tech?
Here is the answer so you don't bust a brain vessel:
NONE. Atari won over Intellivison and the Atari 2600 was weaker.
Colecovision was stronger than all of them and its life was cut short because of the console crash in 84'
The NES and Sega Master system were even.
The Sega Gensis system and SNES were practically even...
The NEO-GEO and 3D0 were the most powerful systems and lost...
The Turbo Graphix16 hade nice power and lost...
The Xbox1 had more power than the PS2 and Gamecube...PS2 won...
This generation?
On a technical aspect: The PS3 is the most powerful console and the Wii is kicking its ass and won this generation over the PS3 and Xbox360 despite being just a gamecube with motion controls.
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hoops  +   1795d ago
"i cant believe people would think that in a time like this, especially when sony is the only company (with consoles) pushing the 3d tech through tvs and console , they wouldnt implement 3d on a psp 2."

3d has been around for years. Looking at you Sega

Sorry. Sony did not invent 3d for consoles. Moreover Nvidia has been doing FULL HD1080+ 60FPS 3D for years.
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eagle21  +   1795d ago
E3 can't come soon enough. :)
gumgum99  +   1795d ago
Ain't that the truth.
jjesso1993  +   1795d ago
erm in my opinion nintendo ds may not be as powerfull but was sure lot better than psp. the psp has had barley any good gamescompared to the ds. and you say you made opinon you said ''i cant wait to see the psp 2s 3d screen'' you stated this lke its fact a better sentence would of been i cant wait to see the psp 2s 3d screen that it might have also you got realise that sony would of had think of implementing a screen able to do 3d this pure geinus of nintendo and somthing might go completely tits up sony cant make choice that can go like that with the way psp went. Dylantalon1 you would not get so many disagrees if stated things as opinion not fact.
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Dylantalon1  +   1795d ago
xbl/psn- dylantalon
the n64 had 64 bit which was good but that's it. the ps1 was better than the n64 and it issued in a more adult oriented library that proved to be successful and next generation games are a reflection of that succession. ps1 uses compact cds for more space,plays music cds, started dual analog for fps,2 rumble kit, way better gaming technology. ps2 plays dvds,plays music cds, has way more space for games,played ps1 games with smoother graphics, and a few more things. n64 has goldeneye 007,perfect dark ,mario 64 ,banjo , and a handfull of other good games. ps1 has need for speed high stakes,gran turismo 1+2 ,metal gear, jet moto, crash bandicoot ,syphon filter and thousandsof others. while i heard the n64 was technologically better , the ps1 had games that are on par with goldeneye whichis the best game on n64. the ps2 has resident evil 4 which is the best game on gamecube and even outshines any technology shown on gamecube with the likes of gt 3, gt 4 , g.o.w 1+2 and thousands others. the psp has more core games that are meant for a gamer like me with a lot of onboard features. the ds has way more games but barely anything that is interesting to me but its still amazing. the ds is the equivalent to n64 whilethe psp is the equivalentto ps2. th 3ds will be as powerful as a gamecubeand the psp2 will be like a mini ps3. to each his own. while some people likes the ds stylus, i prefer the analog stick on the psp along with the hardware tech, power and features. sony is the first company to implement stereoscopic 3d on a console . i'm not talking about the rubbish 3d of the pass. im talking about something that is much more immersive. i'll say that sony isnt the first to have 3d in general but come on, the 3d of days pass was rubbish to begin with. sony ps3 is the only console that is capable of stereoscopic 3d.
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hoops  +   1795d ago
You posted:

"when was the last time nintendo released a product that is the equivalent to sony's console or handheld on a technological basis?"

On a tech basis. The N64 was ahead of the PS1 for rendering 3D images.

"Clocked at 93.75 MHz, the N64's VR4300 was the most powerful of the competing consoles of its generation."

"The final major component in the system is the memory, also known as RAM. The Nintendo 64 was one of the first modern consoles to implement a unified memory subsystem, instead of having separate banks of memory for CPU, audio, and video, for example"

The PS1 never had any of this. The only true advantage the PS1 had over the N64 was the CD ROM. That's it. The N64 also had higher bandwidth then the PS1.
Now saying that, the N64 also had some serious weaknesses that inhinited also. But from a technical standpoint, it was more advnaced then the PS1. Btw. CD Rom for games was already put before the PS1. So it was NOT cutting edge technology at the time. Sony did not onvent it. Sorry. The Amiga CDTV was the first system to use it.
NEC was the second with the CD Add on.
Then you have the 3D0 system. That used CD's before the PS1.

"There's so much to enjoy, and even though PS2's visuals aren't quite as good as they were on GCN, my jaw still drops at the art design and how immersive the worlds are."

The Gamecube version looked better. The PS2 was the weakest system that geenration. Common knowledeg. Power does not make a system. Its games. And thats why the PS2 was such a great console. It had the weakest graphics and sound but the best selection of games.
The Xbox1 was WAY more powerful then the PS2. It did effects in hardware the PS2 did not support. Such as ADVANCED pixel shader effects. THE PS2 DID NOT HAVE A SEPERATE GPU. The Xbox1 did. And had a programable shader GPU. The PS2 never had this.
How do you know the PSP2 will be more powerful than the 3DS when NEITHER system has released specs? You are the ultimate fanboy.

"sony ps3 is the only console that is capable of stereoscopic 3d."



Don't beleive everything Sony tells you.
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Dylantalon1  +   1795d ago
xbl/psn- dylantalon
i'm the ultimate fanboy when the games speaks for themselves along with the console features. where are the equivalent to the gran turismos on the n64? where are the games on the gamecube that can match up g.o.w gran turismo 3 and 4? i hear a lot of talk about how amazing the tech in the n64 and the gamecube are but the playstation always did the showing. is it the same thing where the xbox 360 has a better graphics card but the ps3 has been showcasing games on the console that have gone unmatched since it launched 4 years ago and is sporting graphics that are a generation ahead of xbox 360. some xbox 360 supports hdmi 1.2 which is very limited for stereoscopic so i cant wait for the xbox 360 with hdmi 1.4 support,lol. the xbox 360 is very limited hardware-wise , and i do like those dvd 9 disc that can store 25gbs of data on them. however, i cant wait for the stereoscopic dvd movies and games on the xbox 360 that microsoft announced although the console seems so dated when compared to the ps3. maybe i am a fanboy, or maybe i just have common sense to look at ones track record. maybe im wrong in thinking that sony equals quality. the n64 destroyed the ps1, the gamecube destroyed the ps2 an is still on the market and the wii destroys the ps3 in everyway. cruisin, excite bike and red steel looks better than anything on ps3. the wiimote is more accurate than the ps move also. probably the 3ds will have a 5in. screen with 1080p resolution with ps3 type graphics and tech. psp 2 will most likely have a 3.5 in screen with 480i resolution or something. rationally speaking i think these are good prediction/S. sony didn't tell me anything about anything , i saw with my own eyes like going to Sony Style.
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CellularDivision  +   1795d ago
I would love to agree with you if PSP was better than NDS.
Unfortunately for you, it isnt.

6 hour battery- gtfo
no touch screen- sorry but no
fragile screen- new psp gets scratched up in minutes- no thnx
no dual analogs- really?
oh, and no gaems- sorry. ill be playing advanced wars now.
Dylantalon1  +   1795d ago
xbl/psn- dylantalon
the iphone is better than the ds. it has way more games, the touch screen is miles better, it has a long battery life, its way sleeker. you cant even phone anyone on the ds, and it hasnt got a motion sensor . **SWIDT**
miyakoS  +   1795d ago
the DS can make phone calls ^^

but yeah, the iPhone scene is pretty sweet.
CellularDivision  +   1794d ago
And N64 is way more fun than PS3.

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