Bungie: We definitely won't make another Halo game

Speaking to VG247 following the news that Bungie has signed a 10-year publishing deal with Activision, Bungie's Brian Jarrard has confirmed that Halo: Reach will be the studio's final Halo game.

"We'll still have an attachment to Halo through Reach, but we definitely won't be producing any new Halo projects beyond Reach," said Jarrard.

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Natsu X FairyTail3000d ago

IT was good while it lasted. Wish them the best.

3000d ago
Eamon3000d ago

Oh well, looking forward to their new IP.

I'm hoping 343 Industries will live up to Bungie's standards.

piroh3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

i wonder how can they utilise ps3 power
imagine if sony bought them first ...maybe after 10 years when the deal ends

deadreckoning6663000d ago

Yeah, Bungie won't but M$ studios will. Theres too much money in that franchise for them to just drop it.

erathaol3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

I'll remain the skeptic on this one. When Mega64 commented on their interview with Corrinne Yu on Marcus' Corner they said they had to keep cutting because Microsoft representatives would interrupt jokes concerning the future of the Halo franchise. This was after the had already announced Halo: Reach.

So either Bungie is lying again or a couple of people are going to leave Bungie to continue working on Halo games.

StanLee3000d ago

Gearbox has been tipped to continue the franchise. I think they can do a fantastic job with the IP.

TheTwelve3000d ago

That's what all developers say about a franchise, but they all have a price, and they all make another follow-up anyhow. Some of them justify their lies by making a "prequel".

I'll believe this when I see it.


Christopher3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

It's good to see them given the freedom to explore their own IPs. Hopefully Microsoft finds someone as good as Bungie to fill their shoes and carry on the Halo FPS franchise.

***Gearbox has been tipped to continue the franchise. I think they can do a fantastic job with the IP.***

While I enjoyed Borderlands for what it was, their history with the Brothers in Arms series really has me grimacing a bit if this is true.

silvacrest3000d ago

i thought it was 363 who are taking over the franchise?

BattleAxe3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )


@ Stan Lee

Yeah sure, maybe Gearbox can bring some of the Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway type of quality to the franchise LMAO

Shang-Long3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Okay this statement makes me think reach will sell so much.
Think about the last halo made by bungie! Every Halo fan ever will bad this.. For once MS is right, it's shaping up to be the bigest game of 2010. Gt5 vs reach should be interesting

GiantEnemyCrab3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Where have some of you been?

MS is %100 behind Halo and have formed an entire studio dedicated to the Halo franchise called 343 Studios. It is lead by Frank from Bungie and some of the very founders and brain trust of the game. So don't worry the original minds behind the game now work for MS @ 343.

Of course Bungie wouldn't be anywhere near another Halo game. They've fulfilled their agreement with MS, sold their souls to the devil and burnt the last bridge with MS, they are most certainly done.

Judging by ODST and even in some respects Halo 3 it is excellent news for the Halo franchise. Bungie are tired and worn on it and ugh I hate their entire studios art direction.

rkimoto3000d ago

has the resources to crank out quality halo games in the future, I wouldn't worry too much unless you're one of those people that (for whatever reason) don't like the franchise.

Maybe it will be good to have another studio give a breath of new life to the franchise, maybe it won't; but the franchise is too big to fail in my opinion.

Halo is to Microsoft what Mario is to Nintendo, Mario has seen a lot of different iterations throughout all consoles, I don't see a reason why Halo can't achieve the same status (except having something like "Halo freakin' dance-dance" lol).

@ GiantEnemyCrab

Dude, Halo has had over the years some of the the best production values I've ever seen in games, from music to ambientation. Maybe it's not graphically impressive (the jury's still out on Reach though) but it's smooth to play and rarely has any glitches on them.

Danteh3000d ago

@GEC tha's called "Damage Control"

(natural human reaction against situations which are difficult to cope with :P)

darthv723000d ago

343 would most likely be responsible for keeping halo-esq stuff going for MS.

IdleLeeSiuLung3000d ago

Anyone knows that in the gaming industry, it is cheaper to attain the talent in a company than to buy the company so all MS has to do is entice the employees of Bungie.

This is basically what happened with Rare. They bought this insanely expensive company and eventually the talent left and the only thing sitting there is a shell of it's former self. Same thing Infinity Ward is going through....

When you buy a company, you can only rely on the IP not the talent that is there!

Sarcasm3000d ago

"burnt the last bridge with MS"

lol typical GEC, pissing and moaning about anything not pro360.

And they didn't burn any bridges with MS, last I checked on this whole deal is Bungie is going MULTI-PLATFORM.

Not unless Bungie went Sony exclusive or something is the real bridge burner.

MS would be a fool to not let Bungie release a 360 game regardless if it's not exclusive.

sikbeta3000d ago

Kind of make sense IF the New IP sells Great, Bungie will make the Sequels and Craptivision will want to milk, for example if Bungie make the First game in the First Year of the Deal, the sequel will probably come after 2 or 3 years, probably 3 or 4 games after the Deal End, but you never know with Activision...

kødi¢k: " ney...muahahaha...."

Lordsolidusx3000d ago

Thats what they said about Halo 3 and look what happened

vhero3000d ago

Xbox without Halo..... Wow that.s gonna be a huge blow.. It will survive without it as it has legs but its definitely gonna hit the console nobody can deny that.

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green3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

"Under the terms of the agreement, Activision will have exclusive, worldwide rights to publish and distribute all future Bungie games based on the new INTELECTUAL PROPERTY on multiple platforms and devices."

Lay enfaces of the words IP not IP's

"Activision will broaden its portfolio with a new FRANCHISE from one of the industry’s most creative, successful and proven studios"

"We chose to partner with Activision ON OUR NEXT IP because of their global reach, multi-platform experience and marketing expertise,"

Its just an exclusive publishing rights for a new IP. Other teams in Bungie can be making other games and get someone else to publish those games. Why is everone acting as if they have been bought by Activision and all future Bungie games will be published only by Activision.

Eamon3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

You're making a valid point.

So this confirms that Bungie will not be made to take over the Modern Warfare franchise?

But the only thing that makes me worried is the milking habbit of Activision. If Bungie's next IP becomes a huge hit, they will demand a game at least once every 2 years. And we all know how that effected Modern Warfare 2.

If this happens, we won't be seeing any new games. I hope this is not the case though. Bungie like to perfect their titles.

Sarcasm3000d ago

Right, Bungie signed a 10 YEAR CONTRACT for one IP.

UnwanteDreamz3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

A better question would be, why are you pretending that this new IP for Activision wont be their main focus for the next 10 years?

How many other games did Bungie make on the 360 besides Halo? Activision will have Bungie busy with a 2 year dev cycle on the new IP. You might see a small title from them but thier main focus will be a new multiplat IP.

I have said for a while that some fans of Halo would buy anything with that name on it. I was told that Bungie was the reason people played Halo. It has been said Bungie are the best at FPS gamplay. If I were a fan of Halo I would be worried about 343 and not Bungie. Bungie wont make another Halo game but this 343 will.

Anyway I'm looking forward to this new IP. Bungie has been shopping for a publisher. This IP is their new baby and I am excited about seeing what it might be.

EDIT: I can't see Activision signing a 10 year deal with Bungie without assuring themselves more than 2 games. I think we will see at least 3 IMO.

Qui-Gon Jim3000d ago

Um, yeah. All it is is that Activision has exclusive publishing rights of this one IP for ten years. For all we know there isn't even a requirement on the number of titles, just that anything in this new franchise has to get published by Activision.

Bungie are not stupid. It's not like applying for a job at Walmart. The have a CONTRACT, and if they didn't like the terms of the contract they wouldn't have signed it. They may even still have the right to say "Screw you Activision, we'll just work on a different IP and see if EA wants to publish it."

yewles13000d ago

"Am i the only one that has no problem with this Activision/Bungie deal? Its just for one IP."

One IP... for ten years... yet you're making it seem like it's one "game" in ten years... XD

green3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Its just like Epics deal with Microsoft concerning Gears of War franchise.Epic develops the game,retains the rights to the IP but Microsoft publishes X amount of instalments. The only difference is that instead of a deal signed for X number of instalments, Bungie signed a deal for 10 years.

Epic has made 2 gears of war games but have also been able to develop and publish Unreal tournament 4 for both the 360 PS3 and PC and now EA will be publishing their next game.

EDIT: @ La Chance: Another thing is that fanboys are saying this is a big blow to Microsoft. How is it? If anyone thinks that Microsoft did not know about this deal 9 months ago when Activision came knocking on Bungies door has to be a real idiot.

Who is to say that 1 year ago, Bungie shows the new IP to Microsoft and Microsoft rejects publishing the game because its not the kind of experience they are looking for and then tells Bungie to look for another publisher if they insist on developing the game.

In the end, Microsoft will still have the game on their platform without spending a dime on publishing. While still being able to sign a deal with Bungie on another franchise that fits the experience they are looking for because they will see it before anyone else.

La Chance3000d ago

Green is right. This is similar to Epic and Gears.

The only exclusive (excluding Shadow Complex) Epic has made for the 360 is Gears. Both UT and their new IP (can remeber the name lol) are multi.

La Chance3000d ago

If MS refused the IP maybe because its another FPS. I mean we can only speculate at this stage but I wouldnt be surprised that if MS refused it, it was because they thought that the 360 library didnt need it as an exclusive.

And I dont think MS need another exclusive FPS from bungie.

Anon73493000d ago

@La Chance

I think it's more likely that M$ didn't want the new IP was because it wasn't a FPS, considering microsoft's record and the fact that bungie wants to try something new.

IdleLeeSiuLung3000d ago

I think it is in MS best interest to fund their own studio. When you fund another studio, that studio wants to retain the ip or have unfavorable deals.

Publishers like Activision is used to doing that sort of thing and probably has some provisions in the contract that will keep them going after the 10 years.

Sarcasm3000d ago

lol It's hilarious how some of you guys are on a defensive rant about this.

1 game or 20 games, it doesn't matter.

The real news is Bungie is finally going to make a non-halo game and everybody can play it.

It's no different than Ninja Theory on how they're game is now multiplatform.

And honestly, Bungie NEEDS to make something else for once. Halo 3 was stale, Halo: ODST was disappointing, and Halo: Reach is probably the last real Halo game from them.

It's time for something new for everyone and maybe that's why Bungie is deciding on this whole contract deal.

Heck, if Bungie continues to make Halo games for MS, good for them.

sikbeta3000d ago


I don't think If it is correct to compare Epic with Bungie, I don't know but something tells me that Epic has more man power and by that they can do more stuff

Also, What IF the Whole Bungie Staff want to FOCUS on the New IP, in order to make it better, to expand it, IDK, the thing is that, they [Bungie] wont make another halo game cuz they want to focus on their new game and/or don't have the time, is not like they can make a game and the Sequels in 1 Year...

green3000d ago

- HAlo Reach was announced last year E3, so thats one team dedicated to REACH.
- ANother team mean while had been working on ODST and released it september last year.
- ANother one have been working on their new IP for a while because Activision saw it 9 months ago.

So you can see, that as of the time of E£ 09, Bungie was making 3 full priced retail games. Bungie is much bigger than you think.

@ Sarcasm: How is Bungie making a multiplat game strange? Bungie went independent in 07 and have been free to make a game on any console they choose. They even said in 07 that they were looking forward to working on the PS3. Have you been living under a rock since then?

vhero3000d ago

The IP could be huge though like halo was huge like Gears was Huge. Halo lasted 10 years.. It sold millions of 360s too.

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chidori6663000d ago

omg omg omg.... i believe this / sarcasm.

man understands a thing without halo xbox is dead.

no halo in 360= 360 fans committed suicide.


YoungKiller253000d ago

its bungie not making another halo game some other company can still make another one though

SonyWarrior3000d ago

some one else will make it but it will fail...... just like when slant six tried to make socom on ps3.... what a fail.

Foxgod3000d ago

343 will make it, its a MS first party dev, and it got many former bungie people working for it.

They wont fail, they will improve Halo.

Hank Hill3000d ago

If they really mean they won't make any more Halo games then that's not good for Microsoft. I know Microsoft has 343 studios but they are not Bungie and I highly doubt that they can create the same Halo experience that Bungie did.

lowcarb3000d ago

Were just going to have to wait and see before we doubt these guys. They might just be the team to really push new boundaries.

danielle0073000d ago

Rare being one. They could do something amazing one of these days. Get their old glory back, and maybe Halo is one of those ways.

silvacrest3000d ago

to be fair, most of us would say rare have not produced anything "excellent" in a long time

danielle0073000d ago

Viva Pinata was an amazing strategy/simulation game. It got really awesome reviews, just no one bought it. It's so in depth though, and you keep all your progress. It's super awesome, and you have to be hardcore to get a chewnicorn.

Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts also is a great game, with pretty splendid reviews. I never played it, I never see a copy of it .. anywhere. But, i've heard that it's funny and the stuff you can create is simply amazing.

Sure, they haven't done much that that's great this generation other than these two, but Viva Pinata is ahmazing, and Nuts & Bolts is great. I think they still have their mojo, so they shouldn't have to be stuck on avatar duty.

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NateNater3000d ago

Well if they're not making another Halo game, they sure as hell better go all out with Reach then.

SixZeroFour3000d ago

i hope this new ip with activision doesnt stop them from supporting reach for years to come like they have with the other halo games