Is Twitter good or bad for gaming?

Gary of wrote

"In this modern age, communication is everywhere, it seems that everyday a new gizmo comes out that improves our ability to do so. Twitter is perhaps the most popular social networking site out there these days and as far as gaming is concerned, I'm not sure how good that is. In the very recent past, reading "tweets" from industry figures has led to confused information, leading to false announcements by independent blogs. Worse yet the miscommunication has led to these same industry figures having to create videos where they have to call out these same blogs for having the wrong information on their websites."

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NateNater3001d ago

It really depends on what people are tweeting about. False information is always bad. But a little hint at a games release is usually welcome. However, I've come to understand that many people on N4G hate it though.

You Already Know3001d ago

I think that it poses more problems than it does good, I wouldn't lose any sleep over the decision...

but then again, I'm not part of the twitter/facebook I may be in the minority here...

NateNater3001d ago

Yea I have a Facebook that I use about once or twice a week but no Twitter for me.