Xbox Dead Without PGR and Halo Developers to Buoy Console?

Charles Austin speculates on MS's next move with Activision taking another major developer by writing: "Microsoft has dropped the ball in so many instances now that it may be completely impossible to recover. Fans of the mega-company's gaming hardware have to face some facts at this point when it comes to the franchises that Microsoft had used to establish the Xbox brand in the first place. They're gone."

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lociefer2706d ago

a 360 doomed article ? lol am i dreaming ?

vgn242706d ago

I expected people to start some BS about how this is good for Microsoft or they planned it and it will somehow hurt the PS3. lol People facing FACTS!?!?! What has the world come to.

vgchica2706d ago

Xbox was a test. Xbox 360 was the success and the next Xbox (which WILL happen) will be number one. Screw Bungie. no one needs em.

dangert122706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

and when i brought it i has halo and pgr in mind
dont disagree look at my game card you fool
i have pgr 4
halo 3, halo 3 odst and halo wars

zoks3102706d ago

We are going to be seeing these doom articles for a long time, so grab your popcorn and soda guys.

LMAO... today is the best day to be a Sony supporter.

SuperStrokey11232706d ago

LOL i was gonna say the same thing, my how times have changed.

sinclaircrown2706d ago

Yes the 360 has had a rough ride, but I still enjoy mine and have plenty of great games to play. I see no point in these "xbox dead" "xbox is doomed" articles. 40million, or whatever the real number is, even with rrod, units sold. There will be another Xbox. There will be another Playstation. There Will be another Nintendo console.

People who love video games will be spoiled once again. Except for fanboys. They will only be spoiled a little by sticking to one console.

Hands Up For Games2706d ago

Does this mean you are coming out of the closet?

Admitting to be a Fanboy?

*Drops head and wonders what happened to this hobby I love*


ou know what? This might be a blessing in disguise for 360 fans. I doubt it, but, maybe this might scare MS into revealing a secret game, just to show that they haven't or they're not going to cave from the "MADNESS". They did say they had games that look better than Gears of War that they haven't shown yet....

Imalwaysright2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

You do realize that Bungie's Halo is the Xbox brand flagship title and is the main reason why the Xbox brand has been successful this generation, right? And lets not forget that Halo Reach is definitely the biggest game for the 360 and probably the biggest game of the year!!

@ Flow I didnt say that Halo was the only reason. i said that Halo is the main reason why the Xbox brand has been successful.

silvacrest2706d ago

i think 360 fans would be happier if microsoft just bought a studio


Alwaysright, no, I disagree. Maybe last gen that was the case, but this gen has several more factors concerning the 360s success. Halo, isn't the only thing moving the 360 along. No not at all....

Inside_out2706d ago

Shouldn't someone tell M$....I mean ME2, Conviction, Alan Wake, Crackdown, Fable, something called Reach...all the great Multi-plats that sell better on 360 than anywhere else...the huge subscriber base for xbox live...The best on line, best controller and console OS...Brand spanking New device in the Voice activating/recognizing and controller less project Natal...huge price drop coming this holiday to coincide with the launch of Natal......LMFAO....sad fanboy's...

Shadow Flare2706d ago

Oh....for crying out loud, it does my head in when people say that. I heard that stupid little theory about 3 years ago. Oh, xbox was a test, xbox 360 was a more successful test but the THIRD XBOX, ho ho, hold onto your hats because THAT'S the console microsoft ACTUALLY meant to be number one!!!

No. Face the facts. That stupid theory is an excuse. I'll tell you microsoft's real plan. Release xbox and try to be number 1. Release xbox 360 and try to be number 1. Unfortunately for ms, neither were number 1. See, sony had the same plan. But in sony's instance, their first attempt with a console sold 100 million + consoles and their second attempt sold 140 million + consoles. Success. No excuses.

The Wood2706d ago

what a fanatic...calm down ull do urself some damage.....also remember that there's something called...'the rest of the world' NA is not the only continent out here yougen. im sure you've heard what many devs have said about making more of the ps3 so why do you act like its all one way....stop projecting nonsense...ur coming off like a 2007 fanboy.....this years lineup is a lot better from MS's point of view though....ill give you that, Much better.

Hallmark Moment2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

This wouldn't be N4G's without them lol.

Goofy article.

piroh2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

no nintendo, no sony, but activision is the main enemy for microsoft

lowcarb2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

This is going to be a big and important year for Microsofts 360. If Natal and Reach do well I'm sure they will make some type of huge 1st party announcements come E3 or GDC. Rare really needs to step there game up (with help from Lionhead) and 343 will handle all things Halo from here on out of course. Yeah this looks like hope for 360 haters but unfortunately it's going to be a wake up call because now MS more than likely is going to push harder to make the 360 even more of a must have. Halo still belongs to MS so anyone hoping it is gone are going to have to keep on crying because it's going to be around for a long time.

Edit below: And just what kind of impact do you think GT5 will have on 360? It will be a great racer but if you think it's going to have a deep impact on Natal, Reach or Gears3 your in for a shocker. When are the just wait for PS3 to come out with this or that going to hit you as not happening. Times have changed and until Gt5 is out we have no idea what it will sell.

xXRight3yeXx2706d ago

Xbox 360 will be dead when GT5 comes out. Mark my words.

ProjectVulcan2706d ago

Losing the three B's was always going to hurt. Bungie, Bizarre and Bioware. Microsoft will regret sooner or later letting them get away

Hallmark Moment2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I think we have been hearing this lack of studios gloom and doom BS for years now[out of the gate] I'm sure Microsoft has plans; they always do. The bulk of 3rd party developers depend on the 360. If Microsoft had too many 1st party studios the health of the industry would suffer.

BattleAxe2706d ago

Epic is the only good studio that is backing the 360 now. I think this is where we can say who won the console war.

La Chance2706d ago

PS3 was supposed to be dead when FF13 went multiplat...look what happened.

360 definitely not dead because Bungie are going multi.

mikeslemonade2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Microsoft will be trying to buy out games as usual, but nothing will equalize the lost of Bungie. If you combine FFXIII multiplatform, GTA exclusive DLC, and those Japanese RPGs they still don't add up to what Bungie is. Over half of the 360 install base probably bought it for Halo as their #1 reason to purchase a 360.

And there's a reason why developers are dipping out of Microsoft. Microsoft must be practicing a lot of shady business therefore developers don't like to work with them. You xbox zealots can't even properly defend your own console. Today is going to be an easy day for me.

For LA Chance:
Oh so you admit FFXIII is just as good as Halo 3?

La Chance2706d ago

We've seen this a thousand times. Especially when the PS3 had its first price cut. Its just that PS3 fanb0ys are so convinced that theres a conspiracy going on that they refuse to see it.

jaysquared2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

"Xbox 360 will be dead when GT5 comes out. Mark my words"

Ok i'll add it to the list of

Xbox 360 will be dead when PS3/Lair/Heavenly Sword/Motorstorm 2/MGS5/Resistance 2/KZ2/LBP/Home/Slim/Price Drop/God of War 3/FF13 comes out. Mark my words


Edit- Forgot God Of war 3 thanks!

The Wood2706d ago

i agree about 'nothing being doomed' but the fact you had to mention the ps3 price cut (that far into the ps3s life) kinda shows that the doomed articles were primarily against sony...The ps3 was doomed since birth.. The articles were here and rife before you switched to your current pharell pic...the one before that even. Not a conspiracy, just fact...oh, did you ever read this article


people still refuse to admit western bias even when its clear in black and white (plus a few other colours) ..just sweep it under the rug and call paranoia

Hallmark Moment2706d ago

Don't forget about >God of War 3< those games you listed ain't nothing on GOW3's 360 killing status.

sinclaircrown2706d ago

You really think the vast majority of gamers would stop buying games for the 360 because of ONE racing game??? Seriously, a 10yr old should have more common sense than you.

GT5 will be probably the best racing game made to date. To even think it could 'kill' another console is nonsense.

Godmars2902706d ago

Never really understood why people give MS credit for the Xbox1 being a test and can't just say it was a failure. The PS1 was Sony's first attempt into gaming when they literally knew jack about gaming and they went on to outdo Nintendo. Meanwhile MS had a gaming division before they went into consoles, picked up most of Sega's American people, and could just barely outsell the NGC.

La Chance2706d ago

I dont think ONE magazine giving lower scores to PS3 exclusives proves that the media is biased. I'm sure there must be another site or mag that usually give 360 exclusives lower scores than PS3 exclusives...wouldnt prove anything.

However the fact that PS3 fanb0ys absolutely refuse to see that the 360 often gets as much "bad treatment" as the PS3 kind of just shows that the whole conspiracy theme is just blinding them.

I mean back in the days on this site a simple article with a chart showing the PS3 in last place for instance was PROOF for PS3 fanboys that there was a conspiracy going on. I mean its the freaking truth...thats all, no "conspiracy"

Even some articles with almost no commentary at all but just cold hard facts and figures was part of the conspiracy if it didn't favor the PS3 or made it look "bad". To me thats just craziness...not a conspiracy.

Same goes for reviews. GOW3 got 9.3 on meta and all the PS3 fanboys were in an uproar...its a freaking hack and high do you want it to score ?? Morever it scored almost the same on meta as GOW1 and 2 that were both as good as GOW3 back in their time. I mean where the heck is the conspiracy ?

Look, NG2 scored a lot lower than what 360 fanboys were expecting. Not ONCE that would you here that this or that site is biased or stupid or whatever.

I'm not saying that biased sites dont exist. What I'm saying is that PS3 fanboys are like drowned in their conspiracy beliefs.

Time for them to open their eyes and wake up a bit.

Montrealien2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

The Xbox was a more powerful console then the competition and still failed. Now people are saying the PS3 will be a success because it is more powerful and the Wii is the least powerful console this gen and is the most succesful. All the fanboy conventions have been broken this gen, once again the prove they have no idea what they are talking about.

And the first Xbox was more then just a test, it was a genius R&D move on MSs part. People messed around so much with that console, all MS had to do was check the mod scene for their R&D, genius.

with that said, the 360 is done...PS3 will over take the competition and rule the world once again. Mark my words, Sony is god.

The Wood2706d ago

thanks for reading that. Though i dont agree with the majority of what you typed i do appreciate the fact you read the article my point is that edge got found out just like game trailers and gamespot but you NEEDED proof to agree with what many of us have been saying for of our industries leading and longest running publications is bias and your implying that its isolated.. Im in the middle.. I dont believe everything is against sony nor do i believe nothing is against them.

dtalon32706d ago

wow. If you guys believe that M$ is in trouble with this deal because bungie wont be behind halo anymore (news flash by the way The Halo franchise will still be kept alive by 343 industries).

Anyone take a look at the sales numbers for Call of duty map pack despite Activision Raping infinity ward? Here is how it works people, the small majority of us informed gamers (some intelligent) know and care about these things. The vast majority buy brand name, that is just how retail works, brand recognition.

If you drink Heinekin beer you think it is the same beer it was years ago? nope Anheiser Busch bought em out did not keep the recipe and moved the brewery for bigger more easily mass produced product.
It is the way of the world and unfortunate that over %50 of consumers are stupid zombies.

darthv722706d ago

doesnt MS still have some small percentage in bungie and the games they make? An exclusive deal with activision wouldnt really jeopardize the already contracted IP's Ms has a stake in.

This could actually work out the MS, Bungie and activisions favor. Bungie makes game for activision, activision releases game for 360 and ps3, MS makes $$ off bungie and activision for owning a portion of the company.

No different than sony owning a part of square and making $$ off final fantasy released for ps3 and 360.

sikbeta2706d ago

MS lost their Best Dev and has only rare and Molineuax, sure they have Halo, but you can't count with halo for ever

This is Something I was Saying For Long Time, Sony is Always Safe because It Has 20 First Party Studios + Second Party Partners and Loads of IPs + New IPs from all the Devs, so they Can Push Gaming on the Playstation Platforms all the Time

MS didn't care about First Party Devs and only closed studios, now MS only can make deals like Time Exclusivity and Such and expect something from rare and Molineuax but that IS NOT enough

IdleLeeSiuLung2706d ago

At this point it is too late for any one console maker to die. The user base of each console manufacturer is too big to ignore for most publishers/developers.

More and more we see games turning multi-platform. Most games were exclusive out of necessity, because in almost all generations there has always been one dominant player. Now a days, we got 3 significant players and a lot of great competition!

rezzah2706d ago

Finally an article to bash the 360. Had enough of this for PS3.

TotalPS3Fanboy2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

All these opportunities to kill Sony, and yet, Microsoft kept missing them every single time, leaving Sony to grow stronger and stronger.

Microsoft should have been able to killed Sony long ago, and yet, Sony is still alive today, growing stronger and stronger by the minute. At this rate, and with the full force that Sony is coming out this year and the upcoming years, it will be over for Microsoft very soon.

lowcarb2706d ago

I don't think MS wants to kill off Sony and Playstation. If anything they want to keep them alive and help grow the gaming world.

vhero2705d ago

360 is far from doomed but it is nice to see the shoe on the other foot for once.

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The Wood2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

anyway im sure ms isnt doomed just because of this. That'll be ridiculous. The only real issue is their lack of studios. It seems like MS find it hard to keep great relations with the few devs they have OR they dont find the upkeep of these said studios viable, either way they dont seem to be building a foundation for next gen.....just imagine if the ps4 gets released before the next xbox.....3rd party exclusives will probably be harder to snag if this gen is anything to go by leaving what as backup? This gen has proved to the masses that the 'only on xbox' is NOT 100% so some people will be more willing to wait if thats the case... Others who want to chose 1 console only will go for the one that has the most true exclusives they like.

vgn242706d ago

But dude, without major first-party exclusives developed by the companies who created them, wtf is to drive consumers to the Xbox brand? I hope they don't quit because the industry NEEDS competition to drive quality. But where will the quality come from?

The Wood2706d ago

exclusives is what builds the brand and its why im firmly in sony's camp even though i also own a 360. The lack of studios is killin em BUT they have continued to survive/thrive, however you see it, without the studios sony or nintendo have at their disposal. Yes the variety and quality in many of MS's exclusives are lacking but their pay for exclusive/timeed exclusive model has kept them in this...ultimately sony will dominate because of those same studios they've acquired and the past couple of years has proved this imo. So doomed, no. Weaker, yes

lowcarb2706d ago

I wouldn't call games like Alan Wake,Fable, Gears, Forza, Halo, XBLA, SCC and Crackdown lacking in quality when in fact there all about it. NOw if your talking about graphics I will agree other then Wake, Reach, and Gears it's been lacking some but PS3 doesn't have like some arsenal of better quality looking games. When I think of quality I think of not only graphics but online support, how long I will play it and fun factors which 360 games seem to lead on.

sinclaircrown2706d ago

What people seem to forget here is that MS, Sony and Nintendo already have MILLIONS of consoles in peoples homes already. Sure they will always try to push more hardware sales, but at this point any dev would be stupid not to support each console. The market is huge.

Multiplat or not, there are millions of console owners who want more great games. There will be PLENTY of amazing games to come for all consoles before this gen 'ends'.

The Wood2706d ago

nah, man not just graphics. You saying that seems like uve forgotten about the last 2 years or something. Of course theres quality in there but less of it.. This year is a great year for 360 and ps3 owners alike and it'll be down to preference. The 3rd part exclusives are drying up so wheres the backup

Godmars2902706d ago

But by this point MS has shown themselves to be the wrong kind of competition. They don't foster creativity, they just steal and buy it, then stifle it with management practices.

Montrealien2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

What`s Ironic about a comment like the one godmars just said is that people where saying the same thing about Sony when they got in the game before the PS1. The PS1 and the playstation brand was put on the map with arcade ports, and by taking one of nintendos biggest partners away from them. And lets not forget Universal Studios, who brought us great PS1 exclussives and are the real people responssible for great companies like Naught Dog and Insomniac, not Sony it could be argued that sony went in and stole these studios from Universal. Sony was acting much like MS at that time, not many great PS1 games where made by Sony first party devs. People tend to forget these little facts and I find it hypocritical to point the finger at MS for practices Sony where doing also. Even Single Trac who is best known for making Warhawk, Twisted Metal and jet Moto was bought by GT interative, now Atari.

I should scan some pics of EGMs mail bag after the Ps1 was announced, yeah, people where not to keen on a big corperate bully like sony coming into the industry, how times have changed. I remember telling them, relax, more competition is good and in the long run Sony is good for the industry, but noooo, I was branded a sell out and a non gamer. True story.

Godmars2902706d ago

The only difference is you're talking about Sony 1st entry in consoles, this is MS 2nd and they've yet to give any indication that they have any idea about what they're doing.

Sony bought and developed developers, MS has their best either running away or closing down.

Montrealien2706d ago

Who is running away? And don`t pretend Sony never had partner devs close down or leave. Ninja Theory, Harmonix, Single Trac, Reflections, Radical entertainment just to name a few. Sony is not perfect, and neither is MS.

All I am saying is that there are alot of paralels between MS and Sony`s console experience, people should not forget that. They both have there good and bad sides, like anything really.

cmrbe2706d ago

Sony in in the PS1 era were building up their studios. By this time in their PS2 they have even more unlike MS which have closed more. I really don't see the paralles here.

DarkEdson2706d ago

what some of you seem to forget is the reason sony did what they did in the ps1 era was because nintendo screwed them on the hardware deal to make nintendos new console, sony spent millions developing the console only to have nintendo back out of the deal which made sony lose alot of money, so believe it or not the ps1 was supposed to be the new nintendo console, so sony entered the market to recover their loses, i'm pretty sure they did not expect the ps1 to do what it did and it just proved to the masses that sony made a good console. So comparing what MS is doing to what Sony did back then is really stupid if you don't know what really happened back then. Ps: sony is nothing like ms, they actually foster innovation, while ms tramples all over developers to make a quick buck and stifles innovation in the name of the all mighty dollar. To the japanese making something good is a matter of national pride.

Godmars2902706d ago

Um...Bungie? Hello? The whole reason we're having this conversation, this article's been written, is because Bungie bought themselves out from under MS.

And yes Sony's closed studios. They've also built and bought them making them flourish as a by product. No matter how much you want to believe otherwise, you just can't say the same about MS.

They can hype and sell games, pay to have them made, but so far they have yet to prove that they can make them in house.

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vgn242706d ago

This is a shame for Microsoft, but now we'll see what Bungie can do on multiplatforms.

chidori6662706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

NO!i no have not for say but only this 360 halo fanboys

no halo in 360= 360 fans committed suicide.

ipe2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

MS still has some ips like fable,halo,forza....and ey could just give bag full of money to some studio to make sequel so ey can publish it.
Only problem i see is quality of those developers.And now since bungie is gone....

but MS doesnt rely on first party titles,ey tactic for this gen was price point(although questionable)early launch,timed exklusive and third party titles.

Also i agree with u,competition is best thing could happen to us,gamers,consumers.

NYC_Gamer2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

this whole bungie 1 game deal really means nothing MS still owns halo along with some other exclusive titles...

vgchica2706d ago

10 year deal covers a whole franchise. And since Halo takes place in the same universe as the marathon franchise, this new franchise could as well.

Hank Hill2706d ago

That's true but the problem is that Bungie said that they will not make any more Halo games. 343 studios is not Bungie.

Brewski0072706d ago

Regardless of what sony say about this, I really dont think they'll want a halo clone on their console so they'll probably only want something fresh and new from bungie , I hope they deliver as its about time we all got to play their games.
Should be interesting to see if other dev's follow suit.... i.e. Valve. :o

dtalon32706d ago

Yeah that makes perfect business sense...well coming from someone who says such a fanboy comment I can see where it makes sense in your brain.

Even though bungie's next game will not be a Halo clone, I doubt that sony would say no to a similar game to a top selling franchise like Halo. Especially since they don't have a FPS that sells anywhere near what Halo sells. What are you dense? No company says "Nope, I don't want a game that will probably sell millions" This all not including what a proven and trend setting developer Bungie is.

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