Developer: PSN 'has almost no hardware limitations'

One of the foremost casual game developers, Alawar Entertainment, has mentioned that they believe the PSN has almost no hardware limitations.

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NateNater2944d ago

It only does no limitations :)


hardly ever hear about PSN games lately, actually for a while now...

gaffyh2944d ago

There'll probably be some announcements at E3

Chubear2944d ago

..tell us something we don't already know :D

Marceles2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

buh buh buh not enough RAM...


Brewski0072944d ago

Good news for ps fans all round then :) . Its nice to see developers praising.

Christopher2944d ago

You must only read front page news items, then. I'd suggest checking out the PlayStation Blog. There's typically 2-3 new games highlighted each week, which don't include most of the new mini games and DLC available on PSN.

Army_of_Darkness2944d ago

you'll need to have access to the PSN in order to check out the weekly new games... But first and foremost, you must have a PS3.

sikbeta2944d ago


Why do you want to hear about PSN Games, I mean don't you NEED a PS3 First to start to CARE (For Real) about PS3+PSN Games...

AliTheBrit192944d ago

It only does illogical sentences..

mikeslemonade2944d ago

We play beyond while they play behind.

irepbtown2944d ago

There is only one problem with PSN, well atleast with me...

When i play certain types of games or if i play online, the demo or w.e im downloading says Pending. I would love it if somehow i could play online WHILE the demo/w.e is downloading

FarEastOrient2944d ago

Did I see someone say Beyond!


That was just for the podcast...

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gaffyh2944d ago

They make loads of PC games, but they started porting stuff to PS3. They make Magic Ball and a load of other games.

vhero2944d ago

The farm frenzy games are rather addictive :).

gauntletpython2944d ago

Kinda makes me wanna try Hyperballoid.

tdrules2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

emphasis on "almost"
it's impossible to output unlimited power, especially on 4 year old hardware

BeaArthur2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

I'm not big on PSN or Live games but it's nice to know they have no limitations. I also never really experience any lag while playing on the PSN.

Chubear2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

lol, yeah, pretend we didn't see you sneak that one in lol

Well, ofcourse there can be.. if you're willing to spend 5-10hrs Downloading it and having 20-50gigs taken off your HDD :(

Absolut_Turkey2944d ago

Again Bea, you obviously didn't read the article. If you did, maybe you'd have something intelligent to add to the conversation. Instead you look like a "troll". And don't give me that "I don't read flamebait articles" excuse.
OT: AFTER I READ THE ARTICLE, this phrase stood out to me the most. "This means that games on the PSN can be full HD with no need to worry about a size limit. Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade on the other hand has a file size limit of around 2GB (which was once just 250MB)." Interesting, no? It's little FACTS like this that make me wonder why people are so insistent that XBL is superior to PSN.

BeaArthur2944d ago

Absolut_Turkey...seriously, I'm starting to wonder about you because you seem to just follow me around. I'm not into that stuff, if you are that's cool, but I'm not. Second I did read the article and I commented appropriately. Unlike you who stalked me on this forum (just like every other forum) just to make stupid comments when you probably didn't read the article yourself. Allow me to make this as simple as I can since you appear to be a simple person. I don't really play Live arcade games or PSN games (which is directly relevant to the article). Consequently since I was thinking about it I also mentioned that the PSN (at least to me) doesn't get very much lag.

Which brings me to the other trolling retard...Chubear...what are you even talking about? Are you referring to my edit? I wasn't done before I hit reply so I hit the edit button and added more. Is that what you are wasting my time for? Better hurry up and hit the edit button yourself before you are out of comments. Although like most trolls you probably have multiple accounts so I'm sure you will just reply on that one.

monkey nuts2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

So your a hypocrite aswell as working for the CGP? (Condescending grammar police)
You absolute wild man you!

Absolut_Turkey2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

1)"you seem to just follow me around"...No Bea, you troll in EVERY article on N4G, you're not that hard to find, so don't flatter yourself.

2)"you probably didn't read the article yourself"...You mean the article that I QUOTED FROM in my post. So you didn't even read the post your responding to? Interesting...

3)"I don't really play Live arcade games or PSN games"...then why are you commenting in this article?

4)You're still in denial. Just admit you're a troll, already. You're not fooling anyone. You have already admitted to posting without reading articles. Just accept it and be done with it already.

BeaArthur2944d ago

Absolut_Turkey...I'm sorry I missed the sign that said I have to play the game(s) mentioned to comment on an article. And now commenting is considered trolling? No, I find articles that seem interesting, check them out (unless they are more flame articles) and then comment based on my opinion or someone's prior opinion (which you should know about). The only time I see you in forums is when you are following me. And I've already said that I don't read certain articles, which does not necessarily make me a troll. Trolls roam around looking for ways to be polarizing. I comment, there's a difference but I wouldn't expect you to know anything about that because all you do is troll on what I say. The only failure here is your attempt to get under my skin and your attempt at convincing me that I am in a category I'm not. Sad.

Absolut_Turkey2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

"Trolls roam around looking for ways to be polarizing. I comment, there's a difference but I wouldn't expect you to know anything about that because all you do is troll on what I say"...Do the words "Cognitive Dissonance" mean anything to you? Bea, there's nothing more "sad" than someone who can accept reality. BTW, you didn't actually answer any of my points from my last post, so that's yet another "FAIL" on your part.

EDIT: Seriously, watching you try to defend yourself is painful.

EDIT2: Real mature Bea. And you still haven't answered any of my points. Rational debate isn't you forte, is it?

BeaArthur2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Absolut_Turkey...the only failure on my part is continuing to let you bother me. You are a clown and you have wasted enough of my time.

Oh and I answered your points to the best of my ability considering I had already explained that which means you are either illiterate, stupid or just trying to be annoying. I'm not going to continue to explain the same things over and over, you are like a broken record on every single form. Move on and get a life.

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