Rumor: Live TV to come to Xbox 360 in the US and Canada? has learned of a live TV service coming to the Xbox 360 in the US and Canada. This service may offer PVR like capabilities and multiple TV channels.

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SuperStrokey11233035d ago

I doubt it will come to Canada, we always get teh short end of the stick on these kind of things.

Nikkelz3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

maybe it will,as a matter of fact im sure it will,this really has the potential to swing the momentum back in Microsoft's favor,take into account that they still have plans for IPTV....maybe this is it?

if it does come to the u.s though this is gonna be huge....for gamers in general.

couple that with media center and i bet this could turn into a whole house solution.

peace and game on