Retail Killed the PC Shelf

From "There is a simmering undertone of discontent in the PC games market at the moment. Whether you beleive it to still be alive and kicking, or doomed to die a slow death, one way or another physical PC media at retail seems to be in decline.

Many of you will have noticed the dwindling presence of PC games at your local games stores if they haven't been abandoned altogether already. Publishers and retailers have conflicting opinions on why this is happening and have even resorted to accusing each other of precipitating the decline."

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rrquinta2885d ago

Some good points. I don't think I've ever seen a PC game at a gamestop, for instance. Best Buy still has a decent selection, but it's definitely not as good as their console section. Personally, I still vastly prefer the retail version to the digital, unless price is just so much cheaper.

reload442884d ago

nice that for consoles i can buy a game howover i will

Pandamobile2884d ago

We've evolved past the need for physical media.

halofan2212884d ago

I like having a box and a CD, thanks.

Letros2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I've bought 50+ games on Steam in the past year, I don't have the space and time for a boxes and manuals.

PC is also highly mobile platform, its nice to be able to bring my laptop away from home and game on it and not have to lug around discs, and worry about them getting stolen or lost. Steam understands this as well, with save games in the Cloud, a very nice feature.

Charmers2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

The internet and the PC is reshaping everything. Do you want to know why PC mag sales are in such deep decline ? I will tell you it's thanks to the internet, why on earth would someone pay £5 for a magazine that is at least 1 month out of date when you can get pretty much up to the minute news on the gaming industry for free on the net ?

The recent fiasco with Activision and Infinity Ward is a good example of how the Internet dominates the mags. We had nearly minute by minute accounts of what was happening. The best you will get from a magazine is a half page story that would be hopelessly out of date.

The Internet is also changing the way a lot of people shop. Even if we ignore DD services for a moment it is still a fact that nearly every game that comes out is at least 25% cheaper than buying it from an online retailer rather than a retail store. So you can buy your game cheaper and have it delivered to your door on release day or you can go the retail shop route and trudge into town, pay more and then trudge back. Hmm difficult choice there eh.

So no Retail didn't "kill the PC shelf", the PC got there first and PC gamers showed retailers we don't need them. The writing is on the wall for retail game shops though, what has happened with the PC will eventually happen with the console then where will they be ?

TABSF2884d ago

Console gamers 99.9999999999% of the time can only get Disc based media
PC gamers if they have a Internet connection 100% can get Digital media

BattleAxe2884d ago

Thats right, but they usually do it through Torrent sites. PC = Piracy Computers

bednet2884d ago

The best way to combat piracy is to fight it on the same

PC gaming is fine, PC game retail is not.

Raypture2884d ago

Thing is I would rather digital distribution, hard drives are more reliable than discs, though some will argue that (pro tip: buy from a reliable HDD maker, seagate or western digital), and lol no cloud computing is just a bad idea, enjoy the server going down and not being able to play, or the company folding and not being able to play the game ever again.

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