Critical Gamer: Starcraft II: beta impressions

Critical Gamer writes: It's been over a decade since Blizzard released Starcraft, which has since been championed as one of the best-if not the best-Real-Time-Strategy Games of all time. Starcraft II is now just months away from its 2010 release, and Blizzard (wanting to make sure that their game is as close to perfect as possible) is pumping out an increasing number of Beta Invites for the multiplayer component of the game. I received my invite three weeks ago.

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scruffy_bear3030d ago

Awesome preview, looking forward to Starcraft 2

Pidgeridoo3030d ago

Starcraft 2 is going to be brilliant

jdktech20103030d ago

My impressions: Freaking awesome

Can't wait and glad I got the preorder beta code.....Gonna be a blast

Cubes3030d ago

Sounds very interesting. Could do with a good RTS to get my teeth into.

Cernunnos3029d ago

It's great! Only thing that needs to be changed is mutas.... NERF THEM NOW!

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