Spawn Kill – Agree to Disagree 07: Morality and Choice

Brittany "Molotov Cupcake" Vincent writes, "A simple choice can change your life forever. For instance, you may selfishly choose to drive drunk and end someone's life, or yours. You could easily choose to get a ride home and not risk wrecking or endangering someone's health. Of course, those are choices that can be made with dire outcomes. Gaming is slowly but surely introducing the same kinds of decisions. But are we ready? Are they being implemented correctly? And how do we feel about choosing 'right' versus 'wrong?'"

Spawn Kill's weekly discussion starter is back, and this week's topic is Morality and Choice in video games. This phenomenon is appearing in more and more games, but is this necessarily a good thing? Check it out and weigh in on how you feel about this issue!

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K-Tuck3031d ago

It usually seems like most of the in-game decisions are black and white.

ihaten4glol3031d ago

They are usually very easy to decipher!

rrquinta3031d ago

I actually just finished reading an article about FarCry which was talking about how the game attempted to create moral ambiguity where you had to choose the least of two evils...

Again, choice is good if it's implicated correctly and not just tacked-on for the sake of it.

tigresa3031d ago

Definitely not for game's like Heavy Rain and Dragon Age, I love the moral grayness that's left in your hands in those games. Mass Effect is more a black and white, which doesn't make me feel that "in control" of the decisions as they tend to imply you do.

Snarkasaur3031d ago

Hope more people come by and argue with us. Unlike some other sites, we actually take part!