Activision: Bungie deal 'financially attractive'

CVG: Shareholders to enjoy big pay-off from new partnership, says publisher.

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Inside_out3002d ago

I hope it works out better than the IW deal....

4Sh0w3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Well hopefully whatever Bungie's new IP is, they remember that listening to the community, getting feedback, implementing some of those reasonable requests from fans and continued support of Halo is what made it great and ever so popular. Bungie is a great dev so I'm sure they won't let Activision influence the way they have always done things, so I expect a multiplatform IP out of them that will deliver the goods.

sikbeta3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

lol WTH with the Picture?, Guitar Hero was created by Red Octane, Activision Super-Milked for Years the IP and Closed/Killed the Studio

Guitar-Bungie? lol
Bungie-Hero? -> kind of logical, after what Activision did to IW, they really needed this deal...

Dellis3002d ago

Halo fanboys will be forced into buy Bungie's next game

remember how Halo sells 1 million in a short amount of time

just in the NA market?, that's what activision wants.

Wildarmsjecht3002d ago

You should read the bungie forums. They are going crazy over there. My favorite post so far:

Xpro 360 Live | Exalted Member

| more groups |
I'm so disappointed Bungie

Bungie is my Xbox logo

Bungie is my favorite dev

Bungie means Xbox and Xbox live


I dont want multi plat Bungie games

I just wanna die


04.29.2010 7:21 AM PDT

Yea. I peed myself abit while laughing at that post.
Needless to say, there are many on the forums who claim not to support them so long as Activision is on the game brand or w.e. It's all fairly humorous to me.

Brewski0073002d ago

Sounds like someones royalty fees well spent ! :P

likedamaster3002d ago

What else would Activision be after?

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