Spawn Kill: A Brief Look At Gaming Tie-Ins

David "Snarkasaur" Stewart takes a look at the current plethora of gaming tie-ins, from movies, to books, to comics and more.

He writes: "Lately we have seen a renaissance of gaming tie-ins. Tie-ins can include movies, comic books, novels, and even television series. Big publishers like wringing every cent they can from a popular IP, and thankfully this will often bring fans some extra material about the universes that we've fallen in love with. They aren't always done well, but I would argue that there is an increasing movement towards hiring quality writers and artists for these projects, and it has made for some fantastic tie-ins. This will be but a brief overview of a few of the better ones from recent games, with possibly more to come in the future as I expand my own collection. "

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K-Tuck2916d ago

I feel like there have only been a handful of good tie-ins. The rest are basically loathsome.

ihaten4glol2916d ago

I'd really like to read the upcoming Dead Space novel.

tigresa2916d ago

I'm a fiend for this stuff. I have especially found an interest in the comic tie-ins of late.

Snarkasaur2916d ago

I almost wish I were more into Warcraft, Halo, and Starcraft, and even Gears of War because those all have purportedly decent tie ins as well.