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whateva3035d ago

so much is happening right now!

StanLee3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Activision needed this. After the debacle at Infinity Ward they needed to land a big, high profile studio to reaffirm its place as the industry's leading publisher. With EA landing partnerships with Crytek, Double Fine, Valve and others and launching Respawn with ex Infinity Ward heads, Activision really needed to make a much publicized, positive move.

mastiffchild3035d ago

Well, was talking to my mum the other day about how most people you hate from afar(like celebrities and people in the news you're interested in)are usually really OK when you meet them and funnily enough the woman she works with used to do PR for one of Kotick's previous employers and she says he actually isn't a very nice bloke at all. nice to know you can trust some first impressions, eh? She reckons that, even then, all he saw clients and consumers as was walking units to be milked dry and carried over the arrogance we hate to most of his day to day life.

I have to wonder just how wise this was of Bungie as whatever the detail of the deal they're STILL getting in bed with the most ruthless, ham fisted company in the business and was that really what they envisaged when buying their freedom from MS? I'd guess Activision will be way more pushy and hands on than MS ever were myself and the way they allegedly treated the talent at IW makes you wonder. From Acti's side the deal's also pretty risky as Bungie haven't made cross platform games for an age OR non Halo games. They specialised for a long while now and whether they can replicate the success of Halo as a franchise is a far from preordained thing, imo.

IF the first game goes well and sells well just how much latitude will Acti give them for the next couple after seeing the way they killed GH,TH and are trying to kill COD/MW? I'm not currently buying any Activision games because I don't like their business practises or the way they treat gamers like idiots and have to say I'm a bit scared this might be a moment where the money on the table made Bungie giddy and reckless about their own future. Certainly, the last people I'd have got into bed with would be Kotick and Company.

MS will have plenty of people with talent(be it G'box or whoever)to keep the Halo template up and running so it's Bungie's next game that I'm concerned about and, more, what happens if it DOES turn into a franchise. The omens aren't that good when you look at Acti's recent record and I'd advise caution at the very least.

silvacrest3035d ago

maybe activision had already acquired bungie before the IW fiasco and we are only finding out about it now, which would explain why IW were treated so bad

sikbeta3035d ago

Craptivision needed this but Bungie? and What if the "IW case" happen again with them, it's kind of improvable but there are other Third Party Publishers...


LOL, that video make me laugh so hard!

Bubbles, thx for the Zombie Kid Video, whateva.

Silver3603034d ago

I think MS still owns somewhere around 49% of bungie so any deals with Activision buying a part of Bungie would have to go through them. And it would also cost Bungie their freedom. It cost bungie a lot for their freedom from MS and frankly they really could barely afford to purchase themselves back.

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NYC_Gamer3035d ago

well MS shouldnt really care because they still own halo...

BeaArthur3035d ago

After pondering this for awhile I'm still not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand Activision seems to like to milk things to death which could hurt future Bungie products. On the other hand this isn't necessarily the end of Halo because MS does own the Halo franchise and could still have Bungie design future Halo games exclusively for the Xbox.

Hands Up For Games3035d ago

That is why 343 Industries were formed.

Halo is in safe hands, the future of that Franchise is being planned out for the next 10/20 years. The pressure is now on Bungie to deliver something as big as Halo, if they can.

Really interested to see how this all plays out.

BeaArthur3035d ago

Hands Up For Games...yeah I'll be interested to see what they come up with. The one thing that I think is very apparent from all this is that MS needs to get on the ball about having more first party developers. Whether anyone would want to admit it or not Halo is what has given Microsoft 2 successful consoles. Now that Bungie is being published by Activision it's a safe bet that they will take a break from Halo and try something else. MS has some other good exclusives but nothing that equates to what Halo brings to the table.

silvacrest3035d ago

the one thing that i haven't seen mentioned yet is that 343 is now under real pressure to deliver great halo games in the near future

and as far as i no (i maybe wrong) 343 has not done much so taking on a major franchise will be tough

Montrealien3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

That`s the thing Silva, 343`s job is the find the right people to do it, not actually make the game.

silvacrest3035d ago

okay i get it, but then my question is, are 343 an actual studio with capable devs?

if they are its kinda sad that they even have to do that

also, i was told one or two of bungie devs left to join 343, so my next question is are they just waiting for the new halo team to come along so they can join them?

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Hellsvacancy3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Very predictable response from MS "lets give ourselves a pat on the back wid Halo Reach which is poised to be the biggest game of 2010." it was like a computer wrote there response

BeaArthur3035d ago

Your comment is worthy of being in the gamer zone but we all know you are a fanboy so take your stealth trolling where it belongs ------------->

Hellsvacancy3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

PLEASE tell me wot a "stealth troll" is coz it sounds like such a retarded thing 2 say 2 sum mofo

COz 2 "stealth" is 2 do summin with out bein noticed

And a "troll" is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community

SO HOW THE HELL CAN SUM MOFO B A BLOODY STEALTH TROLL, wot r they meant 2 do? write an obscene comment without any-1 seein it?

Your just an idiot!!!

BeaArthur3035d ago

I like how you call me an idiot while using grammar like that. I can't even actually understand half of what you typed. I'm not going to explain it to you because you know exactly what I am talking about and if you don't you're too stupid to understand it. You know exactly what you are doing, just like all the other trolls.

BeaArthur3035d ago

Hellsvacancy...maybe you should spend less time on websites and playing videogames and spend more time working on your education. How am I predictable? You are far more predictable than I am, just making your same trolling comments on every forum. Pathetic.

BloodyNapkin3035d ago

" : the act or action of proceeding furtively, secretly, or imperceptibly "

Clearly this applies to youre above post. So yes you were stealth trolling. But you want to pick his comments apart. When you have some flawed words yourself.

"back wid Halo Reach ", "2 do summin with out bein noticed "

And you expect people to take your seriously? I undertsnad the jive talking shorthand. But you are calling people idiots, and you talk like an idiot yourself.

"it was like a computer wrote there response " first off wrote there response, really?

And secondly did the computer write "there" response with pen or pencil.

And you have enough balls to call someone a idiot.

2Spock3035d ago

If you are going to make fun of someone at least get the grammar right. So you don't look like a tool.

"it was like a computer wrote there response " There response?

It was like an idiot wrote that response.

silvacrest3035d ago

i agree with Hellsvacancy comment about stealth trolling, it does not exsist, we all no when someone is trolling, "stealth trolling" would mean we didn't

on the other hand Hellsvacancy is a troll

@BeaArthur, this is the internet, not grammar school, if you understand him enough to reply i dont see a problem

Utalkin2me3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

above me

Maybe you need to go look up the definition of stealth. Means secretly or subtle, so yes in true fashion he was stealth trolling. Stealth doesn't mean never existed if thats what you think.

BeaArthur3035d ago's a problem for me when I have to reread it 3 times to get even a hint of what he is trying to say.

amogrr3035d ago

Well, not everyone enjoys bad grammar. Personally, I have nothing but antipathy for someone who "typz lik dis". Ugh.

Hellsvacancy3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

You see, i can write/type just as well as the next person, i wouldn't of gone and studied Poetry at University if i couldn't (yes that's correct, im a poet, id admt it)

It has always been a deliberate thing, i'm one of those from text message generation where you have to keep those message's short in-order to save money and as i send lots of messages it has kind of stuck with me

I pride myself on being unique in most things i do, doesn't always work out

"And i aint gonna change either so u can kiss my arse if u dont like it, add me 2 your ignore list 4 all i care, id hate 2 c u all (not all) in a street fight if grammar punctuation and spelling is wot use in defense"

Bunch of girls

BeaArthur3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Hellsvacancy...if you are going to lie at least make up a believable lie. You are going to actually try and say that you studied some form of literature at an actual university? Hahahaha, that is the biggest load of BS I have ever heard, and allow me to explain why.

1.) "You see, i can write/type just as well as the next person, i wouldn't of gone and studied Poetry at University if i couldn't (yes that's correct, im a poet, id admt it)"...and there you have it, poor grammar and bad spelling at its finest.

2.) If you were part of the texting generation you wouldn't be anywhere near old enough to go to a university because texting hasn't been around for more than 8 years or so. Not to mention that you pay by the individual text, not by how many words are in a text.

You = total failure and liar.

DropDeadFred...says the guy with the new account. Hmm, wonder how many accounts you have.

Montrealien3035d ago

Don`t mind Hellsvacancy guys. It is hard to type on your mom`s Packard Bell laptop. At least he feels heard here though, we give him more attention then his mom does, and that is the true victory. poor kid...

3035d ago
Montrealien3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

SO drop dead fred, you are a friend of maxed out bubble hells vacancy and are here to defend him I see? Quite a coincendence. If only you guys knew how predictable and transparent you all are. You aint foolin none of us.

As for not having an opinion on this subject, are we at all suprised?

3035d ago
Montrealien3035d ago

meh, and I should care because?

get in line...

maxcer3035d ago

lol i could totally see hellvacancy pissing himself like a exited dog about this news. the same goes for all the ps3 fanboys on this site.

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raztad3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

This ACTI-Bungie deal is driving some people crazy. It's a huge bet on Bungie from Activision. Bungie is in a win-win situation because they will keep IP ownership, but ACTI will be left with nothing if games dont sell well.

This deal may have far reaching implications. It makes sense other big devels houses try to keep IP rights.

@green bellow

That is only mcvuk take on the subject. It´s NOT official statement from neither Bungie or ACTI. Furthermore, we dont know how flexible deal is. Point is ACTI and Bungie have a huge and long lasting partnership.

Inside_out3035d ago

Agree...this is a win-win...if true....PERIOD...Bungie should of waited till after E3...BUT...the IW thing made this a must...

Bungie doesn't own the Halo what...everything that is Halo is/was made by many ways Bungie is largely responsible for Xbox live success....

Sony should of bought these guys....big mistake...imagine what Bungie could of done for PSN....Sony missed a golden opportunity here...

How about Activision...LMAO...EA goes behind the scenes, promises IW the world...get IW to come on board....Activision Downshifts, red lines, power shifts right past EA with what you want about Activision...this is Monumental....

Halo 3 sold almost 11 million exclusively on 360....Bungie can make a game called...oh I don't know, maybe Marathon with space marines fighting off an invading enemy and BAM...20 million on all consoles including the and see...this should be interesting....

raztad3035d ago


Well, IMO few people outside journols and gaming fans actually care/know which are the devels behind some franchise. Bungie wont be repeating Halo success. Halo is a name, a brand, it sells by itself and its sucess had a lot to do with MS spotting the best chance to push online on consoles back in the xbox days.

I wish Bungie the best, and hope they do something different than just Halo-like games.

IHateYouFanboys3035d ago

@cez of rage,

Bungie wouldnt have sold themselves to Sony. They were with Microsoft, a bigger company, and left because they wanted to be INDEPENDENT. why would they then go and NOT be independent by selling themselves to Sony?

it literally makes no sense.