GameStop: Do not take pictures and put them on the Internet.

After the leak regarding the Black Wii from GameStop the following internal memo was also leaked from GameStop. My question earlier in the week about the Black Wii tells me everyone is waiting for a high definition version, but perhaps you will still enjoy reading this memo from a very upset GameStop super-boss.

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NateNater3001d ago

Don't take pics and put them on the internet. As if anyone is really going to listen. I think not.

BeaArthur3001d ago

Yeah really, everyone will get right on that.

guitarded773001d ago

They pay these guys the big bucks to keep silent. Seriously, what the hell do they expect?

-Ikon-3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Paying some kid $7 an hour and telling him to keep his mouth shut and dont leak information.. Ya right minimum wage jobs are a dime a dozen in these parts.

There going to do it, maybe even just for the fame.

Ah guitar you beat me too it.

ikkeweer3001d ago

Students who love gaming, but yeah the risk isn't really that big, if they lost their job.

Off topic, why isn't there an article on the front page for this N4G update that's comming? I see the golden bar, but wouldn't mind an explaining story forced on the front-page between all the Bungie articles.

BloodyNapkin3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Maybe he should send other's memo out titled.

"Why our customer service sucks"

"10 ways how not to rip-off customers of their money"

"How not to be obnoxious when being persistent on pre-orders"

Sarcasm3001d ago


*Gamestop employee posts Black Wii pic*

*Memo arrives, "Don't post pics on the internet or you'll get fired!*

*Gamestop employee posts memo on the internet*

raWfodog3000d ago

...until its officially announced. See what I did? I injected 'common sense' where there was none. Seriously, do you honestly think people will stop leaking info if there's no way to prove that it was them that leaked it?

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SuperStrokey11233001d ago

Wont this just make peopel want to do it more?

xabmol3001d ago

I'm bringing a camera! x]

eagle213001d ago

The Black Wii will sell like crazy. Super Mario Galaxy 2, college graduations, mother's day, etc. Wii should be around 1M May NPD.

Biggest3001d ago

I wonder if the soccer moms will put their foot down this time.

"You don't even play the white one, Jimmy! Go outside and play football with the real boys! This is why girls think you're gross!"

eagle213001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

back to reality: this will sell like crazy. :)

Do some of you actually live in reality? Yesterday, the Wii was reported to be worth $9.9 Billion in market value. Last month, Ninty sold like 600k Wii's NPD. When NSMBW hit they sold 3.8M last December alone in America. No one can stop it, so just live with the fact it's going to continue to dominate. I play mine all the time on top of PS3 so seriously stop the delusion.

playstation_clan3001d ago

now everything is black ps3, 360, wii. Collect them all

Sigh3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

F**k you Gamestop.

On topic, might get that black wii, looks a lot better than my white one.

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The story is too old to be commented.