Bungie could still make more Halo

MCV: Today's surprise announcement of a ten-year publishing agreement between Activision and Bungie has rocked the games industry, but what exactly does it mean for both companies?

This deal covers just one IP, the identity of which remains a mystery for now. Bungie remains independent, and is presumably free to develop other new IP for other publishers.

Conceivably, it could also work on a new Halo game for Microsoft.

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only on playstaychun3030d ago

Find this hard to believe. Surely Activision will be pushing Bungie to release a game at least every 2 years. I doubt that they will have time to make the new IP and keep pushing the Halo franchise.

green3030d ago

Reading the article will do some good before you comment. The 10 year deal is for just one IP and their other games can be published by anyone.

only on playstaychun3030d ago

Believe it or not, I did read the article. I just said I have my doubts that Bungie will make another Halo game in case you didnt understand what I said.

Simon_Brezhnev3030d ago

wow green real defensive today