First Killzone 2 Hands-On

After two years of intense skepticism, Tuesday night's first showings of Sony Computer Entertainment and Guerrilla Games' Killzone 2 to journalists have generally produced extremely positive reactions. But having cleared that first high hurdle, the next question everyone wants to know is: how does it play? Newsweek were fortunate enough to be the first to play Killzone outside of the folks at SCE and Guerrilla. Here is their hands-on impressions of Killzone 2's gameplay elements; a close-up look at the game's visuals, along with some exclusive first details on the title's design choices and story elements, will follow shortly.

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Violater3847d ago

you lucky bastard.
I want my hands on the game too.

unbiased3846d ago

04 Jun 2006 17:04

29 - Gears of War the only game important this year
The PS3 lists have a lot of crap in it.

Only one game we should be looking forward to this year


and it's only on 360 that's what counts guys. Not CGI Killzone 2 footage for sure

THC CELL3847d ago

Sounds Great to me


Are all on my top shooter list

VirusE3847d ago

Its a good time to be a FPS fan. Don't forget bioshock!

Firewire3847d ago

Guys make sure you read the second article as well, I think the link is at the bottom. Excellent articles & both tell allot!

PS360PCROCKS3847d ago

yeah I was going to mention that...but wow I guess I had no faith, but now I do. This looks phenomonal, I keep watching the video and it looks better every has an odd realism to it that at first was weird but now I think it's awesome.

hazeblaze3847d ago

Yea, both articles really give you a sense of just how much the devs are putting into this game! I hate that ppl compare this game to other shooters or other systems... b/c truthfully we do have quite a few awesome shooters coming out... and surprisingly, moreso on the PS3. But this one really stands out on it's own right now. The amount of realism is incredible. The first one also included an engaging story... if this one picks up on that, it'll truly be a blockbuster title.

Odion3847d ago

both great posts, my only problem was with how much credit was given to Killzone 2 for the cover system.

VirusE3847d ago

Yeah i agree, so many other games have it but maybe its the way they go about it. The cover in the video looked very fluid.

Greysturm3847d ago

Because it still maintains a decent FPS during the cover sequence without jumping for the third person like Rainbow did. Also the fact that is optional since unlike gears and Rainbow where (well at least in my experience) no cover = dead besides providing the classical duck and sidestep routine.

eLiNeS3847d ago

but could somebody tell me why people always say this is a HALO killer, this sounds more like a Gears of War killer and looks nothing like HALO. I hope it is a GOW killer, Epic pissed me off with that game. Don't get me wrong, I liked Gears but they ruined the multi player with there updates making it worst and worst each update.

DrPirate3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Not to mention giving the PC owners a better version. That pissed me off.

The Killzone first person cover mechanic sounds unheard of. Anyone care to tell me of another first person shooter that did something like that?

Edit: First Person cover mechanics exist in Red Orchestra. Funny because I bought that game off Steam a long time ago. Going to go back to see how it works.

Kleptic3847d ago

yeah i was going to mention that...I haven't heard or seen a cover system like that that kept you in fp view the whole time...sounds strange to me of the trailers shows the character leaning around corners...sort of like FEAR...but switches your gun into the other hand if you are leaning to the will probably work fine...

Personally though I would almost rather a third person view for cover...R6 Vegas did it perfectly...and its cool to see how your character looks from time to time...same with Gears...I just wish it wasn't third person the whole time...

I truely hope you can jump in Killzone 2 hasn't been mentioned yet from what I have read...the first one you couldn't...and being stuck in knee high trenches and not being able to get out was one of the most frustratingly stupid things ever to occur on the ps2...