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young juice3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

dude, thats exactly what i said.

call of duty 8: futuristic warfare

thereapersson3001d ago

Holy fanboy Armageddon, batman!

I don't think ANYONE saw this coming. This is more "OMG" than if Naughty Dog went multiplatform.

*grabs popcorn and liter of cola*

Foxgod3001d ago

Actually, when MS let Bungie go years ago, Bungie already stated they would do a multi someday.
Its not that much of a surprise.

Smkt3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

its just a publishing deal.. bungie is still independent and will own the ips that it makes.. Acti wont be able to pull another IW on them..

the only bad thing is that Reach will now actually be bungie's last halo game...

Oldsnake0073001d ago

WTF ? no one cares if the game is multi or not.

Thank you Bungie for helping Bobby Kotick to get the world domination.

Ocelot5253001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

multiplatform is coming

the world will tremble

Jamie Foxx3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Worst move bungie could make, if reports we read are true that they wasn't happy at microsoft why go to lowlife bobbys activision? Wow just wow and for TEN years....

i actually had a frank barone from everybodylovesraymond moment......HOLY CRAP

EDIT:how weird will it be seeing `bungie´ strewn across a ps3 box?

Qui-Gon Jim3001d ago

Bungie had said that they were happy with Microsoft, but were interested in doing a multi-platform game. I'm not surprised with this because I always figured there was a reason they broke from MS (rumors were that MS wanted too much creative control for Bungie's taste), so at some point they would work with a different publisher.

Inside_out3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Well, Sony missed the boat...could you imagine if Sony signed Bungie Exclusively....They could of announced it at E3...That would of been the biggest bomb ever....keep holding your trillions Sony...

Well at least M$ still has

How dumb is M$ and how smart are Activision....this will send shock waves around the industry...Bungie owns everything that makes Halo, Halo...Marathon....2011 holiday, multi-plat sells millions...Gearbox Halo game sells 500,000....Sad day for Halo fans...Monumental mistake for M$....

Where's that Idiot that thought Bungie would never make a game other than a Halo game....

EDIT...for those that don't know...M$ dumped Bungie because Bill Gates came out and said he wanted Halo 3 as a launch game for the then new 360...Bungie said " when it's done, then it will launch...M$ dumped them right after....Personal feelings should not get involved in Business matters...the rest is history...

Raf1k13001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

After the whole IW thing Activision will need another studio to bring in big money which is where Bungie comes in. I'm guessing that for a 10 year deal Activision must be giving Bungie a heck of a lot in return.

edit: Everyone in the games industry knows about the Infinity Ward debacle which is why I think Bungie will have wanted reassurance and something extra for signing with them.

edit2: @ nix, it doesn't matter if Bungie can't make the most of the PS3s power. We all know that regardless of what they create, it'll have great gameplay.

nix3001d ago

that's all.

all the best to Bungie. i hope they can now capitalize on PS3's power... oh wait. "multiplatform".

green3001d ago

"How dumb is M$ and how smart are Activision....this will send shock waves around the industry...Bungie owns everything that makes Halo, Halo...Marathon."

Bungie doe not own the Hlo IP, Microsoft does. Halo Reach was signed in 07 as Bungies last Halo game and Microsoft setup 343 industries the following year to handle all future Halo related games etc. This move might be a shock to us but Microsoft have known about it for the past 9 months.

Eamon3001d ago

WOW! Did not see that coming at all!

10 years... wow. I'm willing to bet that if Infinity Ward crumbles, Bungie will take over the Modern Warfare series.

Guess we won't be seeing anymore Halo from Bungie for at least 10 years.

Hopefully 343 Industries will keep the bar high for future Halo games.

only on playstaychun3001d ago

Think it is a good move for all parties. Activision will get another "money maker" given that IW are moving on, and Bungie get more funding to produce a multiplatform game, while still owning the rights to their IPs.

Hill_billy3001d ago

Holy crap!

So does this mean [email protected] quality of game play from Bungie? Or does this mean Halo quality of games coming from Activision? Who will influence who the most?

TreMillz3001d ago

I got to admit that is a BUISNESS MOVE! WOW! Like, that must have been son major cash they dropped on them for a 10 year deal. This pretty much guarentees Bungie's work is coming to the PS3, regardless of M$ decline first deal with them. Again, wow. I just pray they don't get assigned to CoD. God knows we don't need another one of those. Make a new IP. Holy speakin of new IP, if they do make one, I can just see future conflict over the ownership of said IP. Did Bungie not know about the MW situation going on right now?

RadientFlux3001d ago

I was more shocked/upset when I found out the Bioware was bought by EA. Who destroyed one of the best development studios of all time "Origin".

MasFlowKiller3001d ago

I dont know if am going to buy reach now,
i know reach is still going to be publish by Microsoft
but the fact that they are going to such a lowlife company like Activision makes me not want to buy reach
OGM what a bad taste this is leaving in my mouth

iforgotmylogin3001d ago

make up for it by acquiring Bungie

Its the end of the world as we know it <sings>

Icyhot3001d ago

Mark my words, Activision are gonna drop IW all together and name Bungie as the new IW and make them develop MW3...

Wow won't that be a biggest "Kiss my ass" to IW if that happens.... Imagine Bungie working on the only FPS bigger than their baby Halo... MW3!!!

danielle0073001d ago

It cannot become another IW situation, Bungie owns the IP, and Activision only has the rights to publish that particular IP for 10 years, so Bungie could still make another new IP, and have someone else publish it. Plus, Bungie is completely independent, so Activision cannot fire the head honchos or anyone in Bungie, because they don't own them.

solar3001d ago

R.I.P. Bungie

and ive never played a Halo game.

RadientFlux3001d ago

@Hill_billy : It depends on the publishing agreement. Some agreements give the publisher the right to expect a title/game to be released at a certain time. While in other agreements its up to the developer to determine when the title is released.

ShadowJetX3001d ago

Walks all the way to the bank, with a grin that spreads the length of their face, cheek to cheek.

Bathyj3001d ago

I..I dont know how to feel right now.

InfectedDK3001d ago

Jump in, jump out.. PlayB3yond.

BYE3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Appearently they aren't too happy with Microsoft as a publisher if they even go to Activision...Infinity Ward says hi.

The positive thing is, that might actually bring some quality into Activision's catalog.

captain-obvious3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

i hope bungie wont end up like infinity ward did
TBH bungie is stupid for making this kind of move
especially right after the whole "infinity ward" drama that just happened

meetajhu3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Facepalm. I want different games not franchise. I hope Marthon gets a awesome remake

BloodyNapkin3001d ago

I can promise you this. I swear to god i will not buy another Bungie game while they are under activision and yes that includes Halo:Reach.

MasFlowKiller3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Yeah, if buying Bungie next game means supporting Activision then i cant justify that purchase.

Dont want to hold back the industry.

Reach will be my list Bungie game for the next ten years, or at least while they work with Activision

Christopher3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Sony would unlikely be able to offer more than what Microsoft probably already offered the development company to remain exclusive with their games.

In the end, Bungie really wants to go multiplatform and have a lot more control over their games, so this is good for everyone.

I do hate that it was Activision that ended up being their publisher, but understand that Bungie will maintain control over their game development and IPs.

edgeofblade3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Many people regard me as a 360 fanboy. But I can tell you quite simply... this is the death knell for Xbox. The beginning of the end. The truth is that exclusives matter, but talented developers matter so much more.

I am ultimately more dedicated to following Bungie more so than Halo and Xbox.

@cgoodno: Bungie just got out from under the Microsoft umbrella last year. Do you think they would be so quick to slap the chains on again?

zoks3103001d ago

Wow there goes the neighborhood. But Bun wont get trapped like IW did.... hopefully.

OmegaSlayer3001d ago

If Bungie guys have chosen to be under Activision just to leave MS, just imagine how bad is to work with MS.

Good move for Activision, wonderful move for the sake of the whole gaming community.

Activision will really benefit from this move, a new blockbuster IP, Infinity Ward, in a way or another, will remain in the stable, a boss is gone and soon, mark my word, Kotick will be removed, and will be replaced with someone from Blizzard.
I think that Activision has learned the lesson and will try to change in the upcoming years.

On a side note...a teaser of the new Bungie IP at the E3 would literally tear down Los Angeles.

Fox013001d ago

Without Bungie, Microsoft is going to ruin Halo. And Activision is going to ruin Bungie. Yay.

Christopher3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

I think you and I are saying the same thing, just from different perspectives.

My emphasis was that even if Sony could offer Bungie all the freedom they want in their game development, it's unlikely they could have afforded to make such a move. Even further, I think by doing anything like this would likely move companies like Insomniac to make multiplatform games almost exclusively as it would water down the exclusive market for those type of game developers.

I am like you and will follow the developers more than the IP, but the IP is a very strong one in the community so it's unlikely that people in general won't buy into whomever continues the development of it.

Xeoset3001d ago

...Anyone actually read the statement?

Activision have publishing rights for the next 10 years; they're not allowed to poke in Bungie's affairs.

Essentially: "Hey, Bungie, go make games for a while and we'll advertise and burn the discs for you".

It's good for both parties, Bungie still get to do what the hell they want with everything catered to them while Activision pocket a certain percent on each game sold.


sikbeta3001d ago

Activision will lock Bungie in order to work for that IP for those 10 years straight, Milking is what Activision do Best

FOXDIE3001d ago

omg, dident they just see what happened to IW? stupid much?
I wouldn't even do it for the money. Id rather work for Microsoft then for activis*it!

mr mintleaf3001d ago

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

N4g_null3001d ago

Now we know where the MW2 bonuses went LOL. IW does not like competition also and it's going to be hard to sh!t on bungie names like they did with TREY. I think Zapple knew this was coming and was fighting it. If any one is still at IW they may be leaving now. What would be crazy, ok guys put on your tin foil hats, what if Zapp and the other guys left to defraud the IW co workers of their bonus money? There was some other shady stuff going on there also. If Zapp breaks up IW then that money can be used freely to get bungie.

Well good for bungie now they can get back to making other games. also most publishers suck and MS is a micromanagment nightmare for any one.

There is a reason their stuff lack creativity.

vhero3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

It's only rights to publish there next big game... We know its not gonna be Halo so we don't even know if it's gonna succeed as without the Halo brand Bungie are just like any other dev this isn't THAT big news.. If activision had bought Bungie that would be HUGE but they just signed a deal to publish there next multi platform games something EA been doing for years..

It does however mean there next game after Reach will be on PS3.. Make of it what you will..


wow... just wow..

Lost for words is not even close to how I am feeling right now.

One of my most loved developers make an agreement with my most hated publisher.

I have already promised myself I am not buying anymore Activision games... at least until Boby gets the boot !

I don't know I am really said but the thought of my money going to Activision after when they did with MW2, charging us extra, over charging for the DLC and then not even paying the studio who made them the fastest selling game of all time...

Sorry Bungie, but whatever game it is your publishing with them I will have to say no to.

I am sure Bungie must have an excellent, Rock solid agreement with them, certainly after what has happened recently, but ya I just don't want to support anything activision anymore.

IdleLeeSiuLung3001d ago

I have doubts about IW even after the 38 or so people sued Activision. Maybe IW got pissed off they are no longer the FPS star studio at Activision?

IW had some minor conflict with Treyarch and we find that Activision has been talking to Bungie in the last 9 months! Besides West and Zampella did something similar to EA when they startede IW!!!

Activision stock when up on the news, about 3%!!! A drop in the sea for a company worth $14 billion though, and almost is within daily price fluctuations.

xXRight3yeXx3001d ago

HOLY SH!T. Modern Warfare 3 will be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

BattleAxe3001d ago

This is a huge hit to MS.

LukaX233001d ago

God damnit Bungie... I thought you guys were smart.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3001d ago

LOL Bungie must have missed the IW memo. Thank god Activision cant get their hands on Halo.

N4BmpS3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Part of me is screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BUNGIE DIDN'T JUST LEARN FROM IW!!?!???" although they won't be like IW they'll actually have control over their properties but I still don't like Activision. And on the other hand hey I get the PS3 title I've wanted(multiplatform but I take what I can get). Pretty sure this has been in the works for months and this couldn'y have come at a better time so please believe that part of the purpose of this announcement is for damage control among future employees that might work this publisher.

GarandShooter3001d ago

So where does this leave MS's alleged 'Right of First Refusal' on any of Bungie's new IP's?

Does that agreement still or did that agreement ever exist?

Did MS just allow the publishing rights to this one IP to escape to Activision?

So many questions, so few answers.

3001d ago
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BeaArthur3001d ago

Yeah that's a huge surprise. I guess this means Bungie will have to start churning out games every year and a half. A shame really, Bungie is a great studio and I'm sure Activision will do everything they can to run them into the ground.

Smkt3001d ago

actually it wont.. since it's still independent.. acti will just publish their game whenever they decide to make it..

Brewski0073001d ago

Totally didnt expect this, lol like HOW under the radar was THAT!!!.
Im just shocked !!
I think this wouldve been like soooooo much better if they couldve left the lid on this until E3 though lol. Wouldve blown the masses away!

atticus143001d ago

prepare to be milked indeed, but as much as people complain about other milked franchises, they still seem to sell - so no lesson learned on the developers part as long as gamers keep buying stuff like CoD and make a $15 map pack with 2 rehashed maps shatter sells records - this avalanche will never stop.

anyways, maybe they'll show their first multi-platform game at E3

zeddy3001d ago

hello playstation..:)

hennessey863001d ago

this is a sad day bungie goin multi plat shocking

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HeavyweightInTheGame3001d ago

Was not expecting this. I knew there was a chance of them going multi, but to sign with Activision for ten years?

van-essa3001d ago

Going Multiplat, ok. But with Activision and for 10 YEARS!? Wow these guys are stupid.

dalibor3001d ago

Yeah I agree 10yrs is a bit much. It should have been like 5yrs or not even joining forces with Activision at all. What is going to happen? Who knows. I wish Bungie the best but damn they could have partnered up with somebody more trust worthy and less power hungry. Cloudy the future is.

Qui-Gon Jim3001d ago

And I suppose it would have been either Activision or EA that would win any bid, but TEN YEARS is a surprise. Especially with the IW stuff, though it is probable that this was in the works before that started. Heck, maybe Activision figured it's safe to piss off IW because they had Bungie in the bag.

I do hope they let Bungie have a lot of freedom, but Activision is the money, and the money has the power. I'm sure Bungie wouldn't have signed the deal if they hadn't gotten good terms, though. They would be the "belle of the ball" and might have had Activision and EA competing for the contract.

Captain Tuttle3001d ago

With a capital E. It's like Activision was doing a rope a dope with the whole IW thing.

BeaArthur3001d ago

I'm curious about your logic here, please elaborate.