Playstation Move First Play (The Gadget Show)

Jason gets a first play on Sony's latest peripheral - Playstation Move

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whateva3031d ago

it seems to be making everyone that try it fall in love with it.

I bet it's going to be hard to go back to playing with the wiimote after you play a game with the PS-Move!

mastiffchild3031d ago

Christ that was pretty glowing. Who would have thought Move would start gathering .love like it has with the most recent hands on sessions after all the rip off accusations levelled it's way? I'm not one to bash the Wii at all and it's had some good games of late(impressed with RS2 myself on many levels) but the general support hasn't been there for Motion Plus so, hopefully, both Sony with Move and Ninty at E3 will finally give us those experiences we all imagined when first hearing of the Revolution all those years ago.

I'm also not someone who just decries all motion controls and have always said their place is only going to be found where they actually improve on what we have now. If MS find good ways for Natal to get around big game worlds and improve on the convenience of things like buttons, triggers and analog sticks then Natal might also oust the trad controller for some games but I still don't see any of the schemes beating out pads for every kind of game and that's where, I think, a lot of time's been wasted on the Wii. We've had a million Wii games where the motion added little to nothing because the pad would still be either AS good or better for the job at hand but the chances are that a FPS conrol for M+ or Move could avctually improve on a pad and compete with mouse/keys-finally and with LA talking p a decent lightsaber game we might be seeing devs finally focus on what motion is best for rather than trying to shoehorn waggle in for it's own sake. Natal is still a mystery on many levels but if it has to go through the same trial and error we saw with the Wii then MS might have a problem with it all.

Anyway, regardless of Wii or Natal it's great to see Sony's version starting to come into it's own. Was it just me or was Socom4 already looking a lot more slick and less laggy? Plus the addition of being able to affect the ball with spin in sports games is something I've not experienced on the Wii and would make a game like Grand Slam Tennis a good thing to be playing for sure. Lets see what E3 brings from everyone but it is good that this looks tro have been polished a good deal behind the scenes. Again, if it offers areas of improvement over the sixaxis we'd be idiots to laugh it off, imo, but ONLY where there's an improvement.

presto7173031d ago

That....was NASTY!!!!

Sign me up for gladiator try outs!!

Then, if like, Demons souls 2 has move support. OMG. Dual wielding Blueblood swords....

*wipes drool*

Chubear3031d ago

THIS is what we thought the wii was going to be.

jaysquared3031d ago

Wow I wonder if Nintendo is planning a lawsuit because that is pretty much the Wii mote in black with a glowing thing on top!

Hill_billy3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

And look how it took a company like Sony to bring the dream into reality. Don't get me wrong, I like my Wii but this new tech looks much more accurate.

Army_of_Darkness3031d ago

his only downfall with the move was that he wasn't able to bring it home. Haha!

Absolut_Turkey3031d ago

Say it loud: I'm a PS3 owner and I'm proud.

OT: What's this? Another article praising the Move? Cool. Sony's doing an excellent job building hype for this thing. I especially enjoy the fact that they don't keep showing us the same boring demo over and over again. I also like the fact that they're letting GAMERS try out the Move. Keep posting the good news guys. Thank the Almighty I own a Playstation 3.

Pocketaces1113031d ago


Why do you have to do that every console has copied something during the years including Nintendo. But this is not that much of a copy the technology is different there is a camera and 2 other dimensions: forward and back which kinda relates to the 2nd which is power. If anything the wii was false advertising as many people here said and I agree this is what I thought the wii was going to be and I was and still am thoroughly disappointed in my purchase except super Mario brothers is fund and the soccer one too.

Good job Sony I love how you don't go as low as xbox and throw a bunch of celebrities make them look silly and pay them to say good things about you're product. A1 finally maybe the other fanboys will finally be speechless although I doubt it they will probably make up some other half A$$ed excuse like usual.

ikkeweer3031d ago

I hoped he wouldn't catch it (but he did).
I wanna know how strong this thing is if I accidently drop it

whoelse3031d ago

I wasn't expecting this kind of praise for Move. Is it the dark horse for this year?

The success of Natal and Move will come down to the launch titles, and so far we have seen demos of a number of different titles for Move.

While for Natal, only one basic game that clearly won't be a retail title has been played so far!

Kevin ButIer3031d ago

I was expecting another "Balls" gameplay,

Oh wait... BOOM

sikbeta3031d ago

PS-Move is Going to be Big + 3D = Epic, I'm saying this because is doing what it has to do, Cater every kind of Gamer, from casuals with Fun and such Games and Hardcore Games and the Best Thing:

[Minority Report] by PS-Move -> Being Honest, this is all I care about, so I hope It'll do Great...

badz1493031d ago

there's no way Nintendo can ever sue Sony as far as the technology is concern! Wiimote and PS Move are different technology implemented in the same way! but the huge advantage of Wiimote is that it will work with every Wii available but Move still needs the PS EYE!

I was not interested at all with move when it was unveiled as i though that it will be another casual gimmick (the sole reason why i don't buy the Wii) but seeing now that it is indeed going to be used in games that I'll be playing like SOCOM and many more games after that (hopefully!), I think I'm already sold! seriously can't wait!

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topgeareasy3031d ago

much better than the wii mote

rezzah3031d ago

Lol at your disagrees, I guess those people would like to prove that the Wii can do the exact same thing as the move...or maybe ven better!

El Botto3030d ago

PSMOVE is the next generation of motion control.

It is vastly superior to Nintendo Wii and literally OWNS natal minigames to the ground.

Best of all, it is supported by legions of superior games for the hardcore and casual gamer.

When you can play table tennis like that, its an instant win.

The billion asians that would poor over this, is severely underestimated by the bots in this thread. They do not understand how popular table tennis is in Asia. Sony has done their homework.

MOVE is going to PWN.

MaximusPrime3031d ago

did i hear that he hasnt experience lag? If so, thats great news

KingME3031d ago

That was the best Move demo I've seen yet.

Funny though, he's playing socom and saying that he had never played it before yet he knew all the controls and niches in the demo.

The table tennis was awesome, if you can indeed put realistic spin on the ball I'm sold.

THC CELL3031d ago

move is just beyond anything that coming this gen for gaming
both under sony

Meryl3031d ago

yes you posted it thankyou so much:):) the ps move is nothing short of amazing!!