Red Faction: Armageddon Domain Registered By THQ

THQ have registered some new domain names hinting at the title for the next Red Faction title, due to be unveiled at E3 2010.

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mrv3212881d ago

Here's how the name came out

'Ok, boss, we would like to make a sequel for Red Faction'
'Ok then, what did people like about your game? Was it the immense story or the immersion'
'No sir, it was the blowing stuff up and destruction'
'Ok then, go overboard'
'How about we call it armageddon'

Hellsvacancy2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

Hope its a 3rd/1st person shooter

mjolliffe2881d ago

I loved Guerrilla, but my bet is on the series returning to the first-person perspective...

Valay2881d ago

I'm guessing the same thing.

Hellsvacancy2881d ago

All of the Hitman games hav been both 3rd/1st person shooters, it would work well if Red Faction 4 did the same

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NateNater2881d ago

Hmm I've never played any of the Red Faction games before. Are they good?

Moragami2880d ago

I wasn't familiar with the RF series either, got RF: Guerilla cause it was on sale on Steam. I found it to be a very fun game. The physics engine they are using is fantastic, buildings need to be demolished by taking down support structures. it's pretty realistic. The story was pretty cool, and overall, I would recommend this game. However, make sure your rig can handle it. It's pretty CPU intensive. I couldn't even play it on my AMD X2 4600+ (got like 1 FPS when buildings were collapsing). Once I got my new AMD X4 955BE, it ran like a dream.

scruffy_bear2881d ago

Didn't like the last Red Faction, hope this is better

SpaceSquirrel2880d ago

I thought the last one was great.