Just Cause 2 maxed out visual quality

PCGH has high quality screenshots of the Just Cause 2 PC version. They shot the game at maximum quality with the additional CUDA effects on a Geforce GTX 480 and also applied Sparse Grid Supersampling Anti-Aliasing, which is actually not supported by the GTX 480 officially.

The screenshots reveal the visual differences between the PC and console version of Just Cause 2.

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chak_2915d ago

bu...bu...bu consolelol?

Ocelot5252915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

bu bu bu ati radeon users lol?

there are many geforce-only effects in this game

EpsilonTeam2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Only two filters on water nothing else. They even use Havok instead of physx.

Ocelot5252915d ago

that would be a massive difference for lens of truth in a x360 vs PS3 comparison :p

Akagi2915d ago

Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu consoles are older. I'm surprised it doesn't look THAT much better than the console version.

ProjectVulcan2915d ago

It looks rather lovely with everything turned on. Its not extremely demanding either, the main cuplrit here is SSAO. Turning that on to high hurts performance the most, but also for the least image quality impact IMO so its no big to leave it off or down

Douwantit2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

That video card alone cost more than my PS3. And the funny thing is i would have the exact same fun playing either version. And it's not really all that impressive, PC version that is.

iamgoatman2915d ago


I'm still using a 8800GT, a card released in 2007 and that easily outperforms any console.

But I guess we can't hold it against the consoles, they were outdated even at launch.

BloodyNapkin2915d ago

OMG not again. At least you think it does. Considering you don't have the game first off, cause it would bring your 8800 to a crawl. And secondly you have not played it on a console. And last but not least console outdated at launch, you think Blu-ray is/was outdated?

ProjectVulcan2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Runs fine on a 8800GT. I have played it on console, both consoles to be precise and you can get playable higher settings from a single 8800GT, at the very least much higher resolution.

A single 8800GT is a 750 million transistor GPU, which is more than the CPU and GPU's combined of either PS3 or 360. RSX/xenos are about 220/240 Gflops. One 8800GT is about 500Gflops. So he doesnt just think it easily outperforms them. He knows it does

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jjesso19932915d ago

yep there is but thats just advantage paying more at the momment nivida charging to much for there dx11 cards if they went down a bit i would buy one my self but at the momment those little extras are not worth the money

Gish2915d ago

not sure why this game is so beautiful in-game and looks like crap in the cutscenes. Usually is the other way around.

MetalFreakMike2915d ago

Hmm.... lets see now. Buy a overpriced Nvidia card that makes a lot of heat and sucks up a lot of power or a ATI card that does not make as much heat, takes less power and is also a directx 11 part. This must be a hard choice for people to make.

HSx92915d ago

PC Raging nerd fanboy?

MetalFreakMike2915d ago

No, someone that is tired of hearing Nvidia fanboys talk trash on ATI products. I do not care what brand of video cards you like. I like AMD products and I am allowed to voice my opinion just like everyone else on this site.

EpsilonTeam2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

The problem is that for many reasons enthusiasts go nVIDIA.

ian722915d ago

Its going to look better on PC. This game looks nice played on my PS3 and HDTV, graphics are quite good for an open world game. I have no complaints at all about this game. Overall this game is great and loads of fun to play.

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