Just Cause 2 Black Market Aerial Pack Goes Live

Square Enix has released the Black Market Aerial Pack DLC for Just Cause 2. Dubbed the "ultimate accessory for airborne agents",the pack provides Rico Rodriguez with some interesting new toys.

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Djorgo2764d ago

As toys go. Those are not too bad! :)

DaTruth2764d ago

As prices go, that's also not too bad!

AndyA2764d ago

Nice to see not everyone follows the Activision model!

Limited_Vertigo2764d ago

::waiting for the PSN to load this up::

Maticus2764d ago

Could this game get any more awesome, seriously?

DaTruth2764d ago

It could have some kind of discernable plot and storyline!

jamenees2764d ago

agree with ya more. I have spent hours just flying around blowing stuff up. I didn't even know this game had a story until yesterday.

DaTruth2764d ago

It's great fun aside from that, which is not really what I bought it for anyway. The end is really stupid though.

Got "B" action movie written all over it!

Fyzzu2764d ago

Yes! Up with this kind of DLC. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to see for this game.

AndyA2764d ago

The BM Boom pack sounds even better - the air gun sounds like a riot.

thetamer2764d ago

This is an awesome game!

Turbo Teddy2764d ago

the rocket launcher is really good. no mater how high you fly it still hits its targets.
But as a reminder, the parachute thrusters disappears if you load/die, then they have to be bought again,

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