GAME closures "not a worry in the slightest", says Best Buy

Best Buy's head of entertainment Marc Spence has said that he's not concerned "in the slightest" about the state of the videogames retail industry in the UK following GAME's decision to close over 100 stores, saying that he thinks "this is still a very very good market".

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iFLOWLIKEWATER3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

hat is this GAME store in the UK? Is it like Gamestop? Probably not, seeing as though they're closing 100 stores. That, sell used games system, works heavenly for Gamestop. Its crazy!

I've had this conversation on here before about used games hurting devs. Its like if a dev sends out one copy of a game. And one person buys that game and then takes it to Gamestop to trade in. Gamestop sales that game $5 under the msrp to someone else. Then that person trades that game back in to Gamestop and the cycle continues. Devs/pubs only make money on that game once, while Gamestop makes money on it a thousand times over. I wish I would of thought of it,lol.

dalibor3031d ago

True it's just like games that are rented, you make a profit more than once. What I don't understand is why retail stores like Gamestop cannot come to an agreement with developers and such so that when a game is sold (used) the developers get like a dollar or said amount of percentage out of it(better than nothing). It would be a way for both to coexist. And it would benefit the gaming industry. And it would provide jobs for people as well.

anh_duong3031d ago

GAME is the uk quivalent to gamestop.. however GAME is a complete rip off..

Christopher3031d ago

Why would Best Buy be concerned about a store that specializes in game electronics and software sales only? They provide a whole array of products and get more money from the sale of music and movies than they do video games and video game peripherals.

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Calm Down Sunshine3031d ago

GAME are closing 100 of their shops simply to reduce their store overlaps in some areas.

Game have very little competition in the UK, I can't imagine them having cash flow problems.

MexicanAppleThief3031d ago

Supermarket are starting to take an interest in the game industry. Remember not so long ago the big supermarkets like Asda, Tesco's and Sainsbury had a price war for Modern Warfare 2 and Fifa 10? Those took alot sales from GAME and will continue to do so.

Calm Down Sunshine3031d ago

You're right, but I forgot to state that I was on about solely video game retailers.

Anyone buying games from Asda or Tesco etc. is a terrible, terrible person. The supermarkets shouldn't be encouraged.

GAME/Gamestation do have a rather dominating presence in city centres though.

I imagine it's their online business that suffers more than any other thanks to the giant.

barakiu3031d ago

digital downloads killing retail

in 09' Gamestop were in the process of opening 800 stores...

expect to hear news of their closings any day now