Meier: Social Networks 'Enrich Gaming'

In an interview with IndustryGamers, Civilization creator Sid Meier explains why he feels social networks are a 'new frontier' in gaming. With his Facebook version of Civilization due out soon, he explains what 'going social' could do for his franchise, and other games.

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chak_2880d ago

my opinion is that social network are sh*t, but as every darn teenager of "rich" countries use them there is load of money to be made.

so yeah, they enrich you

And my second though is that crappy casual brwoser-based social game my a*s might kill the industry.

fastrez2880d ago

Not a fan of social network gaming myself, but who know what smart guys like Meier and his industry colleagues might do with them in years to come? The big draw may yet be around the corner.