IncGamers - Tamte: Six Days In Fallujah Will "Provide Deeper Context"

IncGamers has spoken to Atomic Games boss to discuss the controversial game, Six Days in Fallujah.

In the interview, Tamte said that the game was not a propaganda piece and that it was meant to provide a deeper context to the war in Iraq.

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Djorgo2461d ago

Wow, sensitive topic. Very very surprised on that comment.

The Killer2461d ago Show
thetamer2461d ago

it's no different to something like MoH

Terrice2461d ago

I think it's weak when a publisher pulls out due to unwanted feedback from the community.

Cogo2461d ago

Whether you like it or not, it is kind of controversial.

Anything that criticizes something heavily is always controversial :P

andron6662461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

But if gaming is going to "grow up" it'll have to tackle more sensitive subjects, just like serious films trancends the "entertainment" label.

Of course games track record isn't very good in this regard so, many will surely be doubtful it can even be done.

I applaud them for trying, and hope they don't make a mess of things. That could make it harder for anyone else trying the same thing...

EvilBlackCat2460d ago

if they make a game based on what really happen in Falluja its ok bring it and show everybody what the military/fascist machine did there in the illegal iraq war

erathaol2460d ago

Sounds like they want Generation Kill the Video Game. Which wouldn't be a bad thing but I'm sure health regeneration/packs will turn it back around to a Video Game, like the Giant Enemy Crab.

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Maticus2461d ago

All the signs are good for this game so far, this just ads to it.

AndyA2461d ago

Such a thorny topic, not even sure where I stand in this myself. Too big a risk of trivialising an ongoing conflict, I suppose.

Fyzzu2461d ago

Indeed. On the one hand, if it *can* provide context and a largely unbiased look, I'm all for it. If it's tainted, though...

UIOP2461d ago

Exactly my thought.
I will be surprised if it really is unbiased.

AndyA2461d ago

But the notion of making an entertainment product out of this is difficult for some people to get their head around.

thetamer2461d ago

I think the marines have a right to tell their story, but I do think that translating that story to an audience that want to seek pleasure from pain is what the issue is here. I don't think it's trivialising though

Maticus2461d ago

There are always issues like this with war games, it's finding the right balance I guess.

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