New 3D Dot Game Heroes screens showcases the U.K. prime minister candidates

SouthPeak Interactive has released new screenshots of 3D Dot Game Heroes depicting the three U.K. prime minister candidates in the blocky world of Dotnia.

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Lucreto3032d ago

I saw this the other day. I have them downloaded already.

Meryl3032d ago

what on earth?? lol when politics cross overinto games - this should never happen lol, now gimme drake, kratos and ratchet characters then i will be happy

Absolut_Turkey3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

I'll have to respectfully disagree. I think politics should cross into video games. Can you imagine doing a 3D Dot Joe Lieberman? Or how about 3D Dot Karl Rove? Nancy Pelosi might be interesting? Or how about an avatar for RNC Chairman Michael Steele? We could give him a special S&M outfit. (shudders)

OT: Pre-ordered and waiting. I can't wait to try an create some avatars. I still think a 3D Dot Master Chief would be a fun idea.